Riboxin in pregnancy: the opinion of specialists.

Pregnancy is the most important and, undoubtedly, the mosta crucial stage in the life of every woman. At the same time, this period is incredibly complex. None of us is immune from diseases and the need to take medicines, but if the ailment happens to a pregnant woman, then it is necessary to select the treatment, eliminating the risk of harm to the health of the future baby.

The course of any illness of pregnant women shouldmonitored by a qualified doctor who will pick up safe medications. If you look at the instructions for using almost any medicine, you can find cautions - whether it is possible to take the drug during pregnancy, or taking the drug is acceptable if the mother's benefit from the medicine is higher than the risk of harm to the baby.

Because of the hormonal re-aging in the body, andalso for increasing the pressure of the uterus on the organs of the abdominal cavity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - the most common type of ailments in pregnant women. Especially, if a woman has been previously exposed to such diseases. The drug riboxin during pregnancy helps to fight chronic gastritis, pain in the epigastric region, rumbling in the abdomen, unpleasant sensations in toxicosis, vomiting. Another name for the drug is inosine.

In the instructions for the use of Riboxin duringpregnancy is said that the drug is safe for both the health of the mother and her future child in the event that the woman does not have an increased sensitivity to the constituents of the drug. Ribokin during pregnancy contributes to the restoration of the glands, in connection with which the state of health of a pregnant woman is significantly improved. In addition, the instructions indicate the dosage of the drug - it must be taken 3 or 4 times a day for one tablet. The period of continuous treatment is up to one month. Taking the drug experts recommend to combine with a special diet and nutrition control.

In addition to problems with the stomach and intestines, the doctor canprescribe riboxin in pregnancy in case of arrhythmia, because it helps to improve the metabolism in cells and tissues in case of oxygen deficiency (when there are complaints about "lack of air"), speeds up metabolic processes and increases the energy reserve in the heart muscle.

Another reason to prescribe riboxin ispregnancy - to improve blood flow to the placenta with slow growth of the fetus. Doctors-gynecologists assert that riboxin can help to cope with the loads on the liver.

With regard to the introduction of riboksin intravenously -here there are quite contradictory opinions of specialists. Many gynecologists do not recommend the use of Riboxin in pregnancy intravenously in the case of kidney failure and, again, hypersensitivity to its components. But during labor sometimes put a dropper with ribokinom to improve blood circulation. In the second half of pregnancy, riboksin intravenously can be recommended to reduce the risk of premature birth.

There are many forums on the web dedicated todiscussion of problems and pregnancy nuances. On these resources, women discuss and the drug riboxin. You can find completely opposite opinions about the need for its reception. Someone says that this drug is harmless, and more like vitamins, others - that ribokin is an additional unnecessary burden on the body, which is already sufficiently weakened. However, if you ask those who took the drug and have already given birth to a child, they will respond that with them, and with their kids now everything is in order.

Thus, if you take riboxin withpregnancy recommended by your doctor, then you should not abandon the drug. To support the body in this difficult time for him will not be superfluous. If you are in doubt about the benefits of the medication, ask your doctor to explain how Riboxin will help you in your particular case during this period.

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