How to decorate a corner in a kindergarten

Every young family facesthe need to give the baby to the kindergarten. It is not possible to say for whom this is a great stress - for a mother who wants to leave for work, and is afraid to part with a child, or for the youngest hero for whom the mother personifies the whole world.

Not so terrible kindergarten ...

A lot of articles were written about the adaptation of the childin the kindergarten. For someone, this period is extremely painful, someone, on the contrary, easily merges into a new collective and even becomes a leader. An important role in this is played by a correctly designed corner in the kindergarten, which is both a kind of board of honor, and an exhibition of children's creativity.

corner in kindergarten

"The theater starts with a hanger", and a kindergarten - withangle. For the child, everything matters, and what seems to be a small thing for him is the whole world. Cozy, decorated with love, a corner in the kindergarten creates an almost homely atmosphere, and the baby will not be so uncomfortable getting used to the new environment.

Small world

Someone from the classics of children's literature oncesaid that each of us is capable of creating worlds. It is only necessary to look into the most hidden corners of your soul and include imagination ... The corner in the kindergarten is usually drawn up in accordance with the age of the "tenants". So, the "world" nursery group is a kind of flower garden, but for older children you will need to come up with something more interesting. For example, a small stand of joint creativity will be an excellent gift for both children and their parents ... Although in reality a natural corner in kindergarten is relevant for any age.

a natural corner in kindergarten
As practice shows, living dwellershave a beneficial effect on the child's psyche. Kids love to watch and for the serene fishes, and for the adventures of the parrot, and if in their eyes to plant a new flower in the pot, then the material for children's imagination and creativity is more than enough. By the way, in some private kindergartens joint creation of the corner is very widely practiced, which also has a therapeutic effect on the younger generation.

Connect fantasy

Many educators are true creators capable ofcreate a small, but amazing world, not even six days, but in a few hours. And in fact - it is only necessary to allow oneself to go beyond the framework established by someone, how the imagination immediately awakens, and if the means and materials permit, the most interesting begins ...

So, draw up a corner in the kindergarten. This requires:

- educator;

- fantasy;

- Materials at hand;

- patience;

- Many grateful assistants.

decorate a corner in a kindergarten

Of course, there are certain rules,which should not be violated. And why? The corner in the kindergarten without the calendar of nature with the seasons and natural phenomena is impossible, but you can decorate it with flowers, shells, dried berries, beautiful pebbles, etc. And you can devote a few activities to the design of children and, combining business with pleasure, make colorful paper from butterflies, beetles, spiders and make interesting crafts from clay and acorns.

Children love such activities, they will be extremelyit is interesting not only to make something with their own hands, knowing that they are doing something really useful and "adult", but also to learn about the life of plants, birds and animals. Honestly, it is very difficult to find more grateful listeners, and if one considers that in such a way one can cultivate such qualities as responsibility and charity, it is difficult to overestimate such exercises.

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