Magnetic lock on the door - modern and reliable

It is not a secret to anyone thatInterior doors, which are made of natural materials, can be influenced by external factors such as cold, heat or humidity, deformed and poorly closed. The weak point in their closure is where the door lock should be. The time passed when the mechanical device cut in. Today, in most cases, you can see the installed magnetic lock on the door, which will be tight and tightly closed.

Magnetic door lock
This device today surpasses allexisting up to now analogues. Magnetic lock on the door - this is the best modern option. One name speaks about the principle of his work. The magnetized part in the lock attracts to itself the metal part, which is usually the tongue of the lock.

installation of magnetic locks
There are magnetic lock interroom by type:

  • passive locking device;
  • Those that can be embedded in the interior door;
  • electromagnetic door lock.

Magnetic door lock
The first type is usually used in lockers and onsome elements of furniture. However, there are such doors in the form of "accordion", on which such locks are installed. In the work their principle is quite simple. The metal plate is attached to the door jamb or to another part of the door. There are no mechanical elements in this lock device.

A more complex installation ismagnetic lock on the door, which is equipped with mechanical elements. Installing these devices is not an easy process, but requires skill. In this version, you need a door handle. Turning it, we remove the metal strip from the strip with a magnet. The magnetic lock on the door of all the locking devices is the most modern.

Electromagnetic locking deviceit is installed both on the interior and on the street doors. Here there are both electrotechnical elements and mechanical ones. Usually such a device is built in, but its overlay is not excluded. Such locks can be seen in warehouse and garage doors. They require constant electrical voltage. Such lock devices are opened with a chip or an electronic key.

What is the difference between magnetic locks and conventional locks?

magnetic lock
They are characterized by such parameters:

1. Work much quieter than simple interior. It is best to put such locks in children's rooms, so as not to wake the child with constant clicks.

2. Convenience in fastening. You can drown such a lock in the door, it well protrudes the magnetized part, so the castle will go far into the interior.

3. They are not equipped with a protruding metal tongue, which serves as the main reason for the wear of the doorframe and the appearance of noise.

4. The whole mechanism is inside, which protects all curious from danger.

5. They can be installed in the bathroom, the moisture penetration in them is prevented by the closed structure.

6. These devices are more reliable than mechanical ones, because of their simplicity.

And the last thing: installing magnetic locks is a reliable and perfect business, even if their price is much more expensive. Believe me, they are worth it.

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