Doctor IOM during pregnancy - can I apply?

We all are not very eager to turn to doctors -usually listen to the advice of neighbors, girlfriends, and often, after watching the ads on TV, we run to buy a "panacea from all ills" in the pharmacy, without consulting the doctor. It's not very good, of course. After all, medicine does not cure a disease, but a person and what helped one, can have a detrimental effect on another person. This is especially true for women in the situation. They especially need to be very careful and careful in the choice of medicines, because even the most innocuous means can do a disservice during this period.

There are, of course, safe drugs, andwe will consult with experts, whether it is possible to apply a series of the doctor IOM at pregnancy. If a pregnant woman has caught a cold and has a cough, then she needs anti-inflammatory and expectorant drugs. In this case, the cough syrup produced by Dr. MOM can help. Fortunately, the syrup contains only medicinal plants, such as basil, aloe, turmeric, licorice, elecampane, mint and therefore is not dangerous to the health of a pregnant woman and her baby. The syrup helps with coughing, thinning and discharging phlegm.

Syrup doctor IOM during pregnancy is recommended,boldly can be used due to its constituent herbal remedies. In parallel with the intake of syrup, you can also drink tea with lemon. Vitamin C, contained in lemon, will only benefit. It is also good to add mint, lime color and dogrose to the tea. It is also good to dig in the nose with salty warm water. It helps with coughing the juice of black radish with honey. All these are natural remedies that will not adversely affect the fetus and the health of the mother.

Doctor MOM ointment during pregnancy is also calmpossible to use. The ointment, like the syrup, contains vegetable extracts. This is thymol, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus and turpentine oil, as well as petroleum jelly. Applying ointment on the skin, you can remove the inflammatory process and destroy harmful bacteria. This drug also has no contraindications for use by pregnant women. With a cold ointment, you need to rub your back and chest, you can lubricate the areas around the nose.

What other preparations of the series Dr. IOM atpregnancy will not be harmful? In addition to syrup and ointment, a roller pencil is allowed. If a woman expecting a baby is cold, she is troubled by a cough and runny nose, a roller pencil should be used to rub the chest and back, and also lubricate the skin around the nostrils. These drugs can be used without danger to the health of the future mother and her unborn baby.

With regard to pastilles, Dr. IOM - withpregnancy is not recommended. The fact is that the composition of the pastilles includes dyes and preservatives, which are completely useless to the future mummy and can have a harmful effect on the fetus. It is better to choose in this period for treatment more safe means, in order to protect yourself and the unborn baby.

To avoid colds in the cold season,it is advisable to use cranberries, garlic, onions, rinse throat with sage and eucalyptus and do inhalation. In pregnancy, the woman's immunity is reduced, so it is certainly difficult for her to avoid colds, especially if she has to go to public places in the course of her work and the risk of infection is high. Also you can not overcool and risk your health. At the slightest malaise and temperature, you should consult a doctor. And when self-medication, do not forget that the drugs series of Dr. IOM during pregnancy can provide an indispensable service. And a few more tips: you need to regularly ventilate the room, you can cut garlic and put it on a saucer in the room, it will protect against infection, thanks to the contained phytoncids.

Be healthy and do not be ill!

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