Danger of pain during pregnancy, both with monthly

A woman in a position reacts tothe slightest pain or suspicious sign in the body, capable of damaging the ongoing pregnancy. On the one hand, one does not always need to worry about pain during pregnancy as with menstruation, but on the other hand, it is still worth mentioning the fears of a gynecologist. Pain can be reported, both about the normal course of pregnancy, and about various violations. Pain in the lower abdomen of women in the position is not uncommon. She frightens them and not in vain, as the pain can become a harbinger of serious gynecological problems. If the pain in pregnancy as with menstruation, then, most likely, this womb is preparing to bear the already conceived fetus and is mutated. During all 9 months a woman can feel these inconveniences. But in case of additional signs of complication - fever, chills, fever, unusual discharge, bleeding - you should immediately contact a gynecologist.

Symptoms of a monthly pregnancy can speakabout ectopic pregnancy. Diagnosis is necessary in the early stages, since delay can lead to rupture of the fallopian tubes. It is in them is a fertilized egg in the ectopic pregnancy. If a woman has not had an ectopic pregnancy in time, the fetus that has increased to a certain size breaks the fallopian tubes. In this case, there are: bleeding, weakness, abdominal pain, as well as in the lower back, fainting, dizziness. Urgent treatment to the doctor, ultrasound and surgical intervention are inevitable in this case.

Another cause of pain during pregnancy,spontaneous abortion (miscarriage). This phenomenon occurs when the term is up to 20 weeks. Spontaneous abortion is indicated by the following symptoms: monthly, as well as mild bleeding, convulsions, back pain. If you have these symptoms during pregnancy, immediately go to the doctor (call an ambulance).

Also in the last weeks of pregnancy,there are pains during pregnancy as with menstruation. This is usually associated with an increase in the uterus. But if you find other signs: bloody discharge, pain in the lower back - you need to turn to the gynecologist. Similar symptoms often accompany premature birth. In the case of adding to these signs of muscle contractions in the lower abdomen, immediately call for an ambulance. Disclosure of the cervix in the uterus can be stopped in case of timely treatment, and the pregnant woman delivers the child before the term of natural childbirth or at least until the later term of pregnancy. However, this is only possible if the help is not late, and for this it is necessary, with threatening symptoms, not wait until it passes by itself, and urgently go to a medical institution.

Bloody discharge during pregnancy canTo be present and under its normal flow. We will understand why the pregnancy is menses. Of course, the very fact of such secretions can frighten a pregnant woman, but it is important to remember - this does not mean that a miscarriage occurs. In the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman may begin to have a month because of the fact that the body has not had time to react to changes that have occurred in connection with conception. During pregnancy, progesterone is produced. But if the cycle has been slightly shifted, then critical days begin in their time and can mislead a woman and doctors.

Another variant of the appearance of menstruation in the earlyThe term of pregnancy is the maturation of more than one egg at a time. In this case, one egg can be fertilized, and the other (others) will require withdrawal from the body and provoke menstruation. Monthly can begin and because of simple shortage of minerals and vitamins. In this case, it is necessary to fill the deficit and the further course of pregnancy should be normalized. Stress, which affects many pregnant women, can also be the cause of menstruation. Some diseases can cause menstruation.

Self-medication in this case can lead to bothmiscarriage, and to the occurrence of ugliness in the unborn child. Therefore, do not take medications that you safely treated before pregnancy. Be sure to consult a gynecologist - an obstetrician, who is monitoring your pregnancy. The lack of estrogen can also provoke menstruation. Stabilize the hormonal background will help the doctor. To a pregnant woman, if any uncomfortable condition occurs, you should immediately contact a doctor - a gynecologist, and do not expect that everything will work out by yourself.

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