The main characteristics of the mixture "Nestozhen"

The best nutrition for a newborn babyis milk, which begins to be produced in the breast of his mother on the second-third day after birth. But despite the fact that the nature of the woman's ability to breastfeed her child, many women for various reasons either early finish feeding the baby with breast, or have a small production of breast milk. Do not despair if the baby is not gorging or you run out

Mixtures nestozhen
milk, because as of today there are many adapted for breast milk mixtures. We will consider a method of artificial feeding a newborn on the example of a mixture of "Nestozhen".

Many young mothers think that artificialfeeding can bring harm to the child. To some extent this view is justified, since in any case the mother's milk is better absorbed. But what to do when there is not enough, or does the baby refuse to suckle? The infant formula "Nestozhen" will come to the rescue. It has the status of adapted, which confirms its similarity with breast milk in composition. In order for the mixtures "Nestozhen" (they are of three kinds) to be better absorbed, the manufacturer (the world-famous company "Nestle") adds special substances there - prebiotics, which contribute not only to the complete assimilation of the infant formula, but also to the improvement of digestion of crumbs.

Important is the fact that the mix "Nestozhen" for newborns, reviews about which are mostly positive, has all the necessary kit

Children's milk formula nestozhen
vitamins, which are necessary for the kid for high-gradedevelopment. This mixture can be given to a child, starting from the first month of life. Despite the fact that at the very beginning the baby can feel colic about discomfort in the intestine, after a few days, his digestion is normalized.

Mixtures Nestozhen come in three forms: for children from 0 to 6 months (1), from 6 to 12 months (2), from 12 months and older (3). Pediatricians are in no way advised to give a mixture to a child not in age. So, if a baby up to 6 months of age receives food under the number "2", he may have health problems due to over-saturation with certain substances. And, on the contrary, if a baby at the age of 6 months gives a mixture with the number "1", he will receive less than the set of vitamins necessary for its development.

mix nestozhen for neonatal feedback

The advantage of the "Nestozhen" mixture is that,that it contains prebiotics. Recently, pediatricians advise mothers, whose children are constantly tormented by colic, to change the formula used for feeding exactly to "Nestozhen". This method of feeding should not become a panacea for women who simply do not want to feed babies with breast milk. The method of breastfeeding was given to us by nature itself, which is why it is the best. To resort to artificial feeding is necessary only in the case when all methods tried to improve natural lactation do not help. And the milk formula "Nestozhen" is ideally suited to help with the impossibility of breastfeeding the baby.

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