The riddle about the swallow: acquaintance with the world of birds

For the full development of the child is very usefulplay with it in riddles that form thinking, ingenuity, learn to compare and compare the features of things, animals, plants. The riddle about the swallow will introduce the child to this bird, will help to distinguish characteristic features that distinguish it from other species.

riddle about the swallow

Swallow - spring bird

Swallows are the first birds,that winter retreats, it's warm spring time. Still the writer A.Pleshcheev wrote to all from childhood the well-known lines: "The swallow flies in the canvas towards us in the spring ...".

This species of birds is distinguished by a long tail with a deepneck, white breast and dark back. Swallows spend most of their life in the sky, they do not like to walk on the ground, on the fly birds eat, drink and even sleep.

The mystery about the swallow reflects all these features of the species in an allegorical form.

The power of riddles

You can study the world around you with a childthe help of popular folklore poems, which by comparison, metaphors reproduce a phenomenon, an object. Riddles are a useful game that develops the following abilities in children:

  • compare and contrast the characteristic features inherent in this or that thing;
  • carefully observe the surrounding world, comprehend its diversity;
  • remember the characteristics of objects, phenomena;
  • unite and synthesize plundered knowledge;
  • logic, ingenuity, imaginative thinking.

The riddle about the swallow for children will help to form all these skills, will acquaint them with this beautiful kind of birds.

riddle about a swallow for children

Examples of puzzles

With a child you can play in two ways:guessing his riddles or, conversely, the kid himself tries to come up with a charade, not necessarily in a poetic form, most importantly, in order to reflect the features inherent in such birds.

For a child, the riddle about the swallow can look like this:

Quickly over the sky flies,

Moss on the fly enough.

Black arrow on the tail,

White feathers on the abdomen.


Lives in a house made of clay

Like a small basket.

In winter there is a sea,

Home in the spring arrives.


The tail is like scissors,

The beak is short,

The back is black as pitch,

Is the belly white?


The black pitch on the back is playing,

Is able on the fly,

How are they called?


As on the house, on the cornice

Appeared suddenly nest,

Like a basket-vase.

Who made it, guys?

It's a bird ...

Thus, the riddle of the swallow will introducea child with this species of birds, will talk about the appearance, eating habits, nest characteristics and lifestyle. In addition, this game helps to comprehensively develop the baby.

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