Bengali kitten: get the best friend

Most people love animals, and very manykeep them at home. For centuries, cats have been among the most popular pets. There were a lot of breeds for every taste: smooth-haired, fluffy and completely bald. There are cats of the most unimaginable colors. Each animal has its own character.


In recent years, increasing popularityget cats, color, body build and sometimes even character which are an excellent reminder of wild ancestors. Therefore, in one or another apartment there is a special breed of kitten - Bengali. This is a very beautiful and graceful animal, which is also extremely suitable for living next to a person's character. Color makes it look like a leopard. This breed was bred relatively recently, but has already received recognition not only in the ranks of felinologists, but among ordinary people who love animals.

Bengal kittens, photos of which, it seems, can besee everywhere, during the first few months of life change their color, therefore, as a rule, breeders sell litter when the pet turns 3-4 months old. Such babies can not only live independently without a mother, but their further prospects are already clear. The fact is that the breeders distinguish three main classes: the so-called pet, breed and show. Animals from the first category become favorites. Usually breeders put before the future owners the condition of sterilization or castration of the kitten after reaching the required age. Breed-class - individuals who will go on breeding. Finally, show are show animals. This division, however, does not mean that pet-class kittens are worse than others or defective, they can become excellent companions. Acquisition of other animals of a different category for simple domestic maintenance is simply inexpedient.

Bengal kittens price

Bengal kittens, whose price in connection with theirpopularity is now quite high, these are excellent partners in games, including with water. They are extremely curious and friendly, and also energetic. So if there is a child in the house, the kitten is the perfect pet for him as the first pet. Bengal pet at first, like a representative of any other breed, needs to be brought up. You can not let him do what's unacceptable for an adult cat. In this case, you can not severely punish the animal, especially if the reasons for its misconduct lie in the misunderstanding of its needs by the owner. For some reason, the pet can ignore or even avoid using the tray, so it is necessary to ensure privacy. The main tool in education is often a spray with water, but you can not forget about encouragement, because it's still a kitten.

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Bengal cat is an extremely intelligent animal. The totality of all the qualities inherent in this breed, make it one of the most expensive in the world, but also one of the most attractive.

It is not easy to choose a future friend correctly,but it is worth remembering that people who are prone to laziness and do not like moving games, it is better to choose a favorite of another breed, because the kitten of Bengali is a motor and started in any house.

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