World Kiss Day: Celebrating Ideas

People have already invented a lot of holidays for a long time. Some of them have become traditional and came to us from antiquity, and some are quite "young" and little-known. The world day of a kiss already some years is considered a holiday and in our country. Being a relatively fresh festival, he is not familiar to everyone. It was invented by non-ardent Spaniards, not passionate Frenchmen, but reserved and cold externally Englishmen. In the late nineteenth century, people in the UK decided that such a pleasant lesson as a kiss, just need to have your day and holiday. But only a century later it was officially approved and given him a separate day in the year - July 6. On this day, no policeman in the world can show anything to a couple who kiss even in the most insane place - for example, at a desk in a customer service firm or at the ticket office of the bus station!

World Kiss Day is different from othersholidays by the most diverse contests - for the longest kiss, the most gentle, the fastest, etc. Many of them are registered in the Guinness Book of Records. On this day, everyone who is familiar with this holiday, have fun as they can - offer to kiss strangers on the street and arrange various competitions among themselves.

It is safe to say that many peoplelove World Kiss Day. Congratulations on this day consist in kissing all your friends and acquaintances who met you on the way, as well as the romance of the day with your second half. You can decorate the entire apartment with hearts carved from red cardboard or simply colored paper, sprinkle rose petals on the floor and lap the path to the kitchen, where a wonderful breakfast awaits on the table. Ideas can come up with a lot, the main thing to include imagination and not be lazy.

Congratulations on the day of a kiss are:

  1. In the poetic form. You can find a large number of them on the World Wide Web or come up yourself.
  2. You can write a comic story about love and kisses with your own hand, if you have at least a little developed imagination. Examples can also peek on the Internet.
  3. Flash mob for congratulations can be organizedhis beloved person. Gather people and bring your idea to them - what you want to convey to the person you intend to congratulate. Flash mob is as relevant today as ever! You can, for example, on World Kiss Day, ask people in the evening with candles in their hands or lanterns to line up under the windows of their second half so that on top you can read a declaration of love or other gentle words about your loved one. Or prepare and sing a song about love and kissing, dance dancing, etc. In advance it is necessary to take care of the props and other necessary things.
  4. And you can prepare your passion for the unusualsurprise - to confess love on the roof of the house, kiss under the water in the pool, while posing with this underwater camera, in a balloon to arrange the most romantic and long kiss, to go to the mountains and only having reached the top, to please your beloved person with a passionate kiss.

In general, there are many ideas, it all depends on you, yoursense of humor, financial possibilities and imagination. And no matter where you spend the World Kiss Day, it's important - how! Someone can afford to ride all the evening on a custom limousine, while posing for a professional photographer, and someone will be happy and together hike in nature with a romantic evening bonfire, serenades under the guitar and spending the night in a tent. Expensive holiday and congratulations are of secondary importance, the main thing is that the soul is enclosed in all this. A loved one will certainly appreciate the care and the attention shown to that person that day.

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