Rosehip during pregnancy will help strengthen the body

Rosehip is a common plant, knowntheir useful properties. Since ancient times it has been considered a cure for many ailments. Scientists have long proven that in the dog rose contains many useful substances, the properties of which are due to its chemical composition. The plant's non-toxicity makes it possible to take a dogrose during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very important stage in lifewomen, that's why she tries so hard to use only useful products that benefit her future child. Restrict themselves to pregnant women, not only in food, but also in drinking, excluding coffee and other dangerous to the health of the child drinks. Rosehip refers to those plants that you can safely include in your diet for the entire period of pregnancy.

The hips are ripening by the middle of autumn, inthe moment when the human body is particularly susceptible to various colds. Given the fact that the body of a pregnant woman is significantly weakened during this period of her life, in order to strengthen immunity, you must definitely drink tea from the dog rose. Taking a dogrose during pregnancy can be without any fear for the fetus of the baby, of course, in limited quantities, because this plant contains a lot of vitamin C, which can have a significant burden on the kidneys.

To drink broth of a dogrose at pregnancy is inFirst of all, not treatment, but pleasure, because it can be more pleasant than a cup of warm drink. It is best to collect a dogrose in the forest or in your own garden, because then you can be absolutely sure that its fruits do not have heavy metals in their composition, which are harmful to health.

Mineral substances and vitamins contained indogrose, are needed not only for the future mother, but also for the forming organism of the child. But still, experts do not recommend drinking rosehips during pregnancy in an amount of more than a liter a day, because the excess of it in the body can bring not only good, but also harm. Before consuming the decoction of this healing plant, it is necessary to consult with a gynecologist.

It is best to boil in a thermos,since by its boiling all the medicinal properties of the plant are lost. To do this, you need half a liter of boiled water, two handfuls of rose hips. After this, it must be insisted for 6 hours. Before use, the infusion is filtered. You can add a little honey or sugar to the tea from the dog rose. Syrups and kissels, prepared from rose hips, are also useful for nursing mothers and their babies.

Rosehip is a wonderful substitute for pregnancycoffee, because some women are sometimes very difficult to give up their permanent habits. Frying the hips, and then chopping them, you can prepare a very tasty and healthy drink. And, adding to it a little milk and sugar, it's easy to get a taste that is close to coffee.

Broth of a dogrose at pregnancy is capableprotect a woman from many troubles associated with seasonal deterioration of health. During an exacerbation of colds or flu, rosehip during pregnancy can significantly strengthen immunity and protect against many diseases and related complications.

Despite all the useful properties of dog rose, inIn some cases, it can be categorically contraindicated. You can not drink tea, decoction or rose hips during pregnancy, if a woman has hypotension or hypertension. It is also better to give up such drinks to people with skin and stomach diseases, especially with increased acidity.

Rosehip has in its composition a large numberascorbic acid, which affects the enamel of the teeth badly. Therefore, every time after drinking a drink, you need to rinse your teeth with water. Doctors recommend after the birth to restore the body, as well as with beriberi during breastfeeding, drink tea from the dog rose.

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