Groom for dogs: benefits and customer reviews

Those who are in search of quality food for their pet, it is worth paying attention to dry dog ​​food "Go". It does not contain GMO, by-products, hormones or dyes.

dog food for dogs

Features of Gow food for dogs

Unlike the proposals of othersmanufacturers, feed "Go" for dogs has one interesting feature. Its specially designed formula is ideal for animals of all ages and breeds! And this means that it does not need to be replaced during the life of a pet, it is enough to increase the necessary dose over time. At the same time, thanks to the same formula, the feed consumption is significantly reduced. This is due to the presence of a high concentration of nutrients in one portion.

Groom for dogs: composition

This food was developed by the best veterinarians. It is made on a completely new technology, does not contain the usual wheat and corn. They were successfully replaced with a variety of fruits, vegetables and berries: carrots, cranberries, apples, potatoes, garlic, flax, oatmeal, sunflower oil.

dog food for dogs reviews

Groom for dogs is made fromvarious sources of animal protein (chicken, salmon and others) and fats of the best quality. In addition, it is rich in probiotics, prebiotics, chondroitin, beta-carotene, glucosamine and taurine.

Types of feed "Go" for dogs

The main and most widespread speciesis a dog food "Go Natural". Although there are other innovative proposals that are tailored to the individual characteristics of the animal's body. For example, you can choose a separate feed "Go" for dogs prone to allergies. It is presented in two variations: with salmon and oatmeal, as well as with duck and vegetables. Picky pets can be offered a non-grain option with chicken, salmon, turkey, duck and vegetables. There is also a light fodder with whole chicken, vegetables and fruits.

As you can see, there are not so few flavor variations, so it will not be difficult to find the most suitable food for your dog.

Advantages of dog food "Go"

Summing up the above, the following are the main advantages of the "Go" food for dogs:

  • A small puppy and an old dog can eat from the same package;
  • reduced feed consumption;
  • the presence of a unique in its kind of composition;
  • guaranteed by the manufacturer quality.

go dog food
List all advantages of a productcan be infinitely long. But the best critic in this matter is the buyer. So let's look at the positive and negative points that the owners of dogs who fed their pets with this product paid attention to.

Groom for dogs: customer reviews

As you know, the best connoisseur isbuyer. What does he say about the dog food "Go"? Reviews are found both positive and negative, although the first much more. But first things first.

The owners of animals say that the Gow food for dogs has the following advantages:

  • Natural composition and complete absence of any preservatives.
  • Pleasant, saturated smell.
  • Excellent taste.
  • Packing is equipped with a fastener for easy storage.
  • The presence of additional lactobacilli.
  • Moderate amounts of phosphorus and calcium.
  • High caloric content of the product, which allowed to significantly reduce feed consumption.
  • Suitable for all ages of animals.
  • During the use of food, animals have no digestive problems, the wool becomes shiny and soft.

dry dog ​​food
Despite a large number of pluses, the owners of dogs note some disadvantages:

  • First of all, these are small granules. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer positions the feed as all-aged. And if such particles are convenient for eating small puppies, then adult dogs of large breeds in some cases can not chew them properly.
  • The second negative point is connected, most likely,with the individual characteristics of the pet. Some dogs refuse to eat this food. Unfortunately, the reason for this phenomenon can only be guessed. It is possible that the owners simply did not guess at the choice of taste, which would definitely like their creature.
  • In addition, some owners complain that after a few feedings the dog has a very unpleasant odor from the mouth. It disappeared only after the change of food.
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