What features of Geoby (strollers) prefer?

Buying a baby carriage is not accidentalan important event in the life of a young mother. From now on, this subject will determine its possibilities for many months. Successfully bought, the stroller will open the possibility of not only walking, but also moving around the city. If it turns out to be heavy and wide, it will be difficult even to go to the nearest park.

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Many before buying a stroller choose a brand,which seems reliable and affordable. One of these brands is Geoby. Chinese stroller is quite affordable and not inferior to world leaders in quality. But before parents usually there is such a huge choice that it is difficult to navigate in its diversity. What to choose from Geoby, which models are not considered immediately?

First of all, attention is drawn to a full-length stroller with a cradle.

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A cradle for a stroller is a box that is placedon the chassis. Sometimes it is soft and compact, and in other cases with hard edges. Whether this box is needed or not depends on the baby's birth time. In the case when the baby was born in the autumn, he needs just such a stroller: because the child's infancy falls on the winter, and all walks take place on the street, and not on the balcony - you can not do without a box. If it is decided to purchase an inexpensive option, then Geoby will be an excellent choice. Carriages with a cradle are represented by several options. Most often, parents prefer to buy transformers, that is, strollers, on the chassis which first put the box, and then the seat for the child.

But sometimes a warm and heavy winter strolleris not needed. A child who was born in March, by the next winter will already grow up and will not be able to use a recumbent box. Such a baby will sit in nine months and look at the world with surprised eyes. For such children it is better to buy baby carriages Geoby a walking version. Strollers are cheaper and easier than the transformers.

Among strollers, too, it is not always possible to easily choose the suitable one. What should I look for?

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A stroller with one hand movement shouldto become a stroller. To do this, there is a backrest with several positions. As a rule, several variants of the backrest inclination are not used. The child either sits, and then the back is raised, or lies, and then it is lowered. As a rule, the average position of the young does not like, so four or five positions of the back do not make the stroller more convenient.

Carriages Geoby, as a rule, have well-thought-out mechanisms for lowering the backrest. Mom should do this easily, with one hand. This is what is worth paying attention to.

Very important in the stroller is the number of pockets. A convenient pocket or bottle stand, a deep luggage bag downstairs, and a few more pockets for small things make life much easier.

The color of the stroller is of great importance, and in thisThe issue is also not in the last place the firm Geoby. Carriages here are represented by a variety of colors: monochrome, with a pattern, two-color. But it is necessary to take into account that the carriage of blue color will very quickly burn out, and the pattern can go out of fashion. Practical moms often try to get a dark, non-stroller, rightly believing that it is the one-color, non-stroller that is the most optimal choice.

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