New Year's Signs

New Year in all cities and countries isa long-awaited holiday, having a small touch of something magical and mystical. Apparently it is for this reason that all sorts of divinations are used so widely on the eve of New Year's holidays. No less well-known to every inhabitant and various New Year's signs and customs. For example, the most recognized is the saying "How to celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it" and, certainly, there is hardly one person who has never heard it. Moreover, it has such far-reaching roots that it is no longer possible to understand whether this is true or someone's fiction. As, however, and other New Year's signs and traditions, of which for today a huge amount.

Probably, a person believes that the observance of allconditions will take somehow to make the next twelve months more successful. Specialists in the field of psychology explain this phenomenon by the fact that in the human brain, thus, some kind of setting for the best outcome of events arises, which then helps to actually realize everything conceived.

New Year's signs are very diverse. For example, that all the following months were filled with financial well-being, it is not necessary to borrow money on the eve of the holiday. It is believed that otherwise you have to spend the whole year in debt. It is also necessary to have a number of bills available so that in the coming year the house always had money, and its owners were successful and did not need anything. To avoid financial problems in the future, it is recommended to put some coins or even banknotes in the pocket of clothes intended for the New Year's Eve. Thus, you can attract funds to yourself.

As they say, happiness is not in money, and New Year'sThe signs with the context of bringing home well-being are also well known to the people. One of the most ancient is the belief to entangle the legs of the table, beyond which the whole family will gather for a festive dinner, a solid rope. It is believed that this way you can save the family in full force and turn away from it grief. Also, you can not erase anything on the eve of the holiday, otherwise you can bring adversity to one of your close relatives. Another superstition: you can not stand rubbish before the holidays. It also has long-standing roots and is treated both in direct and in the opposite sense, referring to absolutely all existing holidays.

Happiness and luck in the coming year is capable ofbring the letter received the previous day. Also, if a person begins to sneeze on a gala night, then this should definitely bring him success in his affairs. It is believed that if on a festive night to put on everything new, and on the table to put a large number of different dishes, among which there must be a loaf and salt, then the next year will be spent in prosperity and well-being.

There is an interesting tradition of making a wishat a time when they began to beat the chimes. It is believed that if you have time to write what was written on paper and then burn the scrap while you hear the clock, then surely the next year will be done. There is also the view that the ash should be put in a glass of champagne and empty it in a gulp. And surely the New Year's Eve should be held cheerfully and noisily, since loud sounds can scare the evil spirits that interfere with the fulfillment of desires, and drive them away from home.

The day after the holiday, that isJanuary 1, the man who enters the house will bring happiness, and if a woman enters before him, the whole year will be troublesome. It is also not recommended to do any work on the first day of the year. Otherwise, we should expect a difficult year. Nevertheless, all the existing signs, whatever they are, are not a prerequisite for attracting success. A self-confident person, who is well-disposed to all those around him and who has a fine mood during a fun, without any superstitions will necessarily achieve what he wants.

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