How to dress a newborn for a walk in spring, summer, autumn and winter? Advice from experienced parents

For most young parents, the appearance ofthe firstborn is connected with a lot of questions. This applies to the regime of the child, the rules of his feeding, proper care for him and much more. Of course, now on the shelves of bookstores you can find a lot of literature on this topic, but there is something that the young mummy should comprehend, naturally, in accordance with the pediatrician's recommendations and own observations of her baby. This primarily applies to clothing. For example, how to dress a newborn for a walk in the spring?

how to dress a newborn for a walk in the spring

It would seem that it is easier - on the street is already warm, sunny and very comfortable. However, this may seem only at first glance. Let's try to understand this issue together.

The first outing

With the newborn you can walk from the second week withthe moment of its appearance. The first walk should not exceed fifteen minutes. Daily time increases by five minutes, and only then it takes about two to three hours. It is undesirable to increase the time of walks too sharply. Adaptation of the child should be gradual. At first he gets used to his room and bed, then starts to "learn" the stroller.

how to dress a newborn for a walk in the fall

Walk in the spring

So, your child was born in a wonderful time of year.The sun is shining in the street, streams rumble, but sometimes a cold wind blows and becomes very uncomfortable. At this time, even the youngest mother is difficult to decide what is best to wear on yourself, what can we say about how to dress a newborn for a walk. In the spring it is important not only to protect the baby from the cold wind, but also not to wrap it too much. For him, both hypothermia and overheating are harmful. Therefore, not too warm clothes for a newborn baby for a walk. In the spring, you can not do with a very large set of clothes.

Spring Wardrobe

How to dress a newborn in the spring to a childfelt quite comfortable? At average spring temperatures, his clothes should be two layers (not including the diaper and thin pajamas). The first layer is a suit or a flannel jumpsuit, a bikini or a soft, not too tight jersey. The top layer can serve as an over-inflatable, but not too warm overalls (fleece) or an envelope.

what to wear a newborn in the summer for a walk

Awesome Thermor

When you face the question of howdress the newborn for a walk in the spring, consider another option. Today, a lot of children's things have appeared on sale with a unique filler - a thermometer. It has excellent thermoregulation. In such suits or overalls it's not hot in the spring and it's not cold even in the frost. It should be noted that such amazing clothes are ideal when mother needs to go to a store or to transport. She will not need to unfold the sleeping baby - after all, the thermore in the baby's clothes will adjust the temperature and the baby will not sweat.

I must say that such clothes are expensive.For the smallest envelope will have to pay from seven to twelve thousand rubles. But then the question of how to dress a newborn for a walk in the spring will disappear once and for all.

Do not forget to put a hat on your head, for example,thin knitted. If it seems to you that the child is cool, you can throw a hood over the cap. Remember that on the walk the child will warm up and the third layer - a cloak in a stroller or a blanket, so too warm things will not be needed.

We told you about the first wardrobe of the baby in the early spring. Based on this, you need to understand how to dress a newborn in May, when the air temperature becomes almost summer.

how to dress a newborn in the spring

The first walk in autumn

Young parents should remember that a newborn needs daily and fairly long walks at any time of the year. Exception can only become very severe frosts.

But how to dress a newborn for a walk in the fall,When the weather is unstable and can present the most unexpected surprises. Before you put on your baby, dress yourself - otherwise the child can sweat, and this is fraught with catarrhal diseases. Do not forget about the diaper, otherwise very soon the baby will declare discomfort.

Clothes for autumn

In autumn, the child should be dressed in several layersclothes. So pediatricians advise. In this case, if you notice that the child is hot, you can easily open it. Do not bother the kid! It is much more useful for him to have a little supercooling than to languish in the heat.

Consider the most comfortable for a walkin autumn the temperature is from +2 to +8 degrees. You will need a cotton suit, a fleece overall, and a warm overall. On the head should wear a cap from the flannel and a thin hat. How to understand if the child is comfortable with this outfit? Touch to its neck. If it is hot and damp, then you are clearly overdoing the clothes. A cold and red nose indicates that the child is cold.

dress the newborn for a walk in the spring

We walk with a newborn in the summer

When on the street more than twenty degrees of heat, webelieve that summer has come. Perfect time - the child on a walk feel very comfortable. After all, it does not restrict the layers, even if very comfortable, of clothes. But this happens only when the child is properly dressed. What does it mean? What to wear a newborn in the summer? For a walk the baby should be dressed in a pajamas and a light bonnet. The head of the baby should not be overheated.

Clothes made of natural fabrics

In the heat, clothing should be preferred fromnatural fabrics. It should be spacious and not restrict movements. Summer differs from other seasons with an abundance of sunlight. It is very useful for children, but take care that the child does not get direct sunlight, especially in the period from noon to three o'clock in the afternoon. Experts believe that walking with a newborn in the heat, when the temperature rises above thirty degrees, is undesirable, since a child can get a heat stroke.

If it's raining outside, it's no reason to cancelwalk. Use a raincoat, but do not forget to leave space to fresh air into the stroller, otherwise there will not be any benefit from such a walk.

how to dress a newborn for a walk at 25

All the kids are different.There is no universal advice on how to dress a baby in any given situation. Better than mother, no one knows what kind of weather a kid likes, at what temperature he feels more comfortable. Carefully watch your baby, and he will tell you how best to dress him. As a result, the child will grow up healthy and strong.

When the frost outside the window

The most difficult thing is for a walk to kids,who were born in the winter. They have to "wear" a lot of clothes on themselves. The thing is that the newborn has not yet formed the thermoregulation of the body to the end, he is not able to protect himself from low temperatures. But this does not mean at all that with the onset of frosty and snowy days all the kids should stay at home. On the contrary, a walk in the freezing fresh air is extremely useful for a child, even such a small one. The main thing is to choose the right clothes so that the child does not get cold and does not overheat.

Clothes for winter

What should I wear a newborn in the winter?For a walk, you should prepare three layers of clothes. The first layer is underwear and a diaper, the second is a suit or overalls made of terry, knitted or woolen fabric, the third layer is a fur envelope or overalls. In addition, the head should wear a warm hat and scarf. Try to pick up linen from natural fabrics - it is better, if the swing, sliders, socks will be of pure cotton. Never wear clothes with buttons on your back. Much more convenient things that are fastened on the shoulders or in front.

It is believed that the winter walk of the child shouldTo dress a little warmer than my mother. This does not mean that all warm clothes must be worn on it, which you have carefully prepared in advance. And then, it should be borne in mind that in winter the air temperature can be five degrees below zero and thirty degrees. By the way, quite often young mothers ask a question about how to dress a newborn for a walk at 25 degrees below zero. At temperatures below 15 degrees, walks should be canceled. They can be replaced by airing the children's room. To do this, the baby is dressed as if for a winter walk, put in a cradle or a cot (not in a draft) and open the window for 5-10 minutes.

What should be a winter overall?

Ideally for winter walks with a newbornit is good to have two overalls. One, designed for temperatures up to minus eighteen degrees and the second for lower temperatures. This applies, of course, to those kids who were born in the northern regions of our country, where winters are long and very severe. There will be very handy coveralls for fluff or an envelope made of natural sheepskin.

what to wear a newborn in the winter for a walk

Southerners such clothes are unlikely to be needed. It is quite possible to get by with a modern high-quality insulation.

The cap must be insulated, snug against the child's head. Ideal for a model with ears. She'll help you out in the windy weather.

On legs necessarily put on warm socks and warmed shoe covers. Usually they are sold together with overalls. In case you use an envelope, then there will be enough warm socks.

When is it better to walk with a newborn?

The most optimal time for walking is from 9 o'clockmorning and up to 12, and also in the evening after 19 hours. Many young mothers find it difficult to find time for promenades, so you can use the balcony for walks. You can feed the child in the morning, dress him up as a walk, and put him in a stroller on the balcony. While the baby is sleeping, you can do household chores. Such "balcony walks" is much more useful than the roadway. In addition, the higher the floor, the less air is polluted with exhausts.

Walk with the child more often, walk in any weather. Only in this case he is guaranteed a good appetite, strong sleep and good health.

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