When does the kitten open its eyes? What if he was already born with his eyes open?

When a cat has kittens, it appearsa special sense of responsibility for the welfare of these little creatures. At such a moment, there are many questions, and one of them is related to when the kitten opens its eyes.

When the kitten opens the eyes

A kitten, just born,really helpless and very much in need of the warmth and care of his mother. His body, especially in the first days of life, is exposed to the environment, which means that the kitten can easily catch a cold. Also, given the fact that while he still does not see anything, he, of course, completely depends on outside help. Fortunately, although the kittens do not see, and do not hear, they perfectly recognize smells and have already developed a good sense of touch.

So, when the kitten opens its eyes and beginssee? This happens approximately on the 10-16th day of their life. But if it happens one day earlier, or, conversely, a few days later, then it's absolutely not worth worrying about. It is interesting that the way kittens open their eyes depends on their breed, including whether they are a short-haired kitten or long-haired. In short-haired breeds, the eyes open earlier. As for the hearing organs, they begin to function from about the 15th day of life.

When the kitten opens its eyes, it is important to ensurehe, as well as his mother's maximum comfort. It is necessary that their place of stay is always warm and clean. If the cat starts dragging its kittens elsewhere, this indicates that something is bothering her, which means that it is important to take a closer look and eliminate the causes of discomfort.

how many kittens open their eyes

But if the kitten was born with open eyes, thatThen do? Some say that such a kitten can not live or remain blind. Therefore, there are supporters of lulling such kittens. Of course, birth with open eyes is not very good, but not fatal. The problem is that the kitten, whose eyes are already open, is not yet able to close them reflexively, and, therefore, the eye is exposed to the danger of drying out and infecting the infection. Also, the lacrimal glands are not yet fully formed. But to protect the kitten and his eyesight is quite possible. Firstly, it is necessary that the first time the kitten stay in a darkened place, because light, especially bright, will affect negatively. You should also follow the length of the claws of the kitten and all other kittens. And, of course, you need to regularly wash your eyes. You can do this either with saline solution or with special artificial tears. Also, if necessary, you can use antibiotics in the form of ointments (tetracycline ointment 1%).

What else can I do when the kitten openseyes ahead of time? Alternatively, you can try to connect the eyelids and glue the patch with cotton wool to the eye. Thus, the eye will be in complete safety. In addition, of course, you can go to the vet, which will give even more specific recommendations.

kitten was born with open eyes

Indeed, caring for a pet that is special and still needs our care is a pleasant and joyful business.

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