Balinese cat - description of the breed

Balinese cat comes from the USA, she isone of the varieties of Siamese cats. The first representatives of the breed appeared at the beginning of the last century. They got their name because of their similarity to the flexible and graceful oriental dancers.

Balinese cats are sociable andare highly sensitive, and in their devotion to the owner are not inferior to dogs. They are very affectionate and sociable, therefore they have good relationships with all members of the family, but they react aggressively to people who are unkind towards them.

This breed of cats is highly communicative and curious, it is very active animals. They like to be constantly in the spotlight.

Balinese cat is in good contact with childrenand often likes to communicate with dogs that are friendly to her. They are very clever and intelligent animals. They are very sensitive to the tone of the host with which he communicates with them, and if this is a rough tone, then the animal can be offended.

Representatives of this breed are very sensitivemood of the owner and try to constantly stay with him in harmony. If you are sad or irritated, they will try to cheer you up or calm you, and if you are in a good mood, they are always ready to share it with you.

The Balinese cat is very dependent and therefore itHardly tolerates loneliness. If you are at home very rarely and can not pay much attention to the animal, it is better to refrain from acquiring a representative of the breed and choose a more suitable one.

Diseases of representatives of this breed

Due to the fact that the Balinese cat and SiameseThe cat has common genes, they also have the same disease. Such cats live for a long time and have good health, but nevertheless they are prone to some hereditary diseases, such as:

- amyloidosis of the liver in some lines of the breed;

- dilated cardiomyopathy, but if we compare it with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is inherent in many breeds, then they are much less likely to die;

- representatives of this breed are prone to gingivitis and the formation of calculus;

- if not done in a timely mannerDental diseases, in animals, general health can be significantly eroded. It is necessary to conduct periodic tests of the teeth, and if the animal allows, brush his teeth. In the opposite case, you need to contact the services of a veterinarian;

- sometimes there is strabismus, but the selection work almost eliminated the indicated deficiency.

Care of animals

The Balinese cat has a wool of medium length,he does not have a fluffy undercoat. This greatly facilitates the care of the animal, and in order that it always looks neat, it is enough to comb the hair only once a week.

There are certain standards for eachbreeds, and the Balinese cat is no exception. These animals have an elongated body of medium size. By their physique they resemble Siamese cats. They also have a thin skeleton and developed musculature. The extremities in the representatives of this breed are long, but proportional to the body, while the forelegs are slightly shorter than the rear ones. Paws in animals are small and have an oval shape. They have a long and thin fluffy tail, and it is pointed at the tip. The neck of the animals is also long and thin.

If you look at the side of the head, the lineconnecting the forehead and nose should be even. The ears are widely spaced, large and inclined forward. The eyes of the Balinese cats are blue, they are almond shaped. The wool of the animals is of medium length, silky.

The disadvantage of the breed is the presence of wide shoulders, sunken cheeks, wrong eyes.

It should be noted that the description of the breed is typical for all representatives in general, but for each individual it may differ from generally accepted norms and standards.

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