Majestic and graceful cats: the Maine Coon breed

Those who had a chance to communicate with representativesthis amazing breed, note their sense of tact, aristocratic self-restraint, strength of character. They are calm and balanced cats. The Maine Coon breed is one of the oldest American breeds. They are very fond of these animals and consider them a national symbol.

cat breed Maine Coon
Large, graceful and delicate cats. The Maine Coon breed surprisingly combines physical strength and strength with tenderness, grace, nobleness of manners, kind disposition and rare for cats devotion to the master.

These fluffy handsome men are distinguished by impressivedimensions (the weight of individual individuals reaches 15 kilograms). Maine coons have a muscular and strong body, a very long tail. They have silky and thick wool - on the head is shorter and longer on the abdomen, back and hind legs. The head is large, with very intelligent and expressive eyes, and the curvy and long mustaches make the animal's muzzle very pretty.

Usually cats are larger than cats. The maine coon breed by the standard should be very powerful. And if cats can be of medium size, then for cats this is a significant drawback.

Maine Coon Cattery
Maine Coon's wool must necessarily be long,silky and not too soft. The texture and quality of the fur depends on the color of the animal. For example, white cats have a softer cover than their counterparts with agouti color. Maine Coons do not compete with other feline breeds, they have significant differences and individual characteristics that make these animals truly unique and unique. Like everything perfect, they just please us.

Some special care these cats do notrequire, they perfectly take care of themselves. Therefore, handsome men are ideal for lovers of long-haired cat breeds, who for all their love for pets do not have the time to comb their hair every day.

They are independent and independent cats. The Maine Coon breed is distinguished by the calm and balanced character of its representatives. However, these cats are mobile and very active. They like to jump, run, perform various tricks. In addition, they are wonderful hunters: deftly and silently catch mice and rats, protecting their owners from uninvited guests.

Maine coons surprise owners with the abilityfall asleep in the most unexpected and unsuitable places, and in the most incredible poses. Experts believe that this is a genetic memory of life in wild natural conditions. These powerful handsome men like to stay somewhere near the owner and watch him. Sometimes it seems that they know about us much more than we imagine.

photos of Maine Coon cats

Photos of Maine Coon cats placed inthis article will help you appreciate the greatness and grace of these lovely creatures. Despite the fact that in relation to their masters they are gentle, affectionate and patient, from extraneous people animals do not tolerate familiarity. No, they will not show aggression - they just leave from undesirable communication. In addition, these cats have a pleasant voice, but it is not often heard: animals are naturally silent.

If you are interested in the breed in question, andyou decided to purchase a kitten, then you need to choose and visit a cattery of Maine Coon cats. Breeders will help pick up a pet and tell you what is necessary for his health and full development.

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