Polyurethane mattress: serene swimming on the river of dreams

A healthy, strong sleep is one of the most importantconditions for the productive future of the working day. Along with the question of how much to sleep, no less important is another one - on what to sleep? Which mattress to choose is polyurethane foam or spring mattress? Let's think about it together.

polyurethane foam mattress

Among modern products, we can find both spring and springless mattresses. There are two kinds of springs:

  1. Mattresses with a dependent spring unit.They are often called "Bonnel". Among their advantages one can single out only one thing - price. In all other respects they are inferior to other mattresses. First, their orthopedic effect is minimal. Secondly, the springs connected to each other do not contribute to a uniform distribution of the load across the entire area of ​​the mattress. "Bonnel" - a good option for giving or to receive guests, but it is always undesirable to use it.
  2. Mattresses with an independent spring unit.Another name for them is "Pocket Spring". Here, each spring is located in a separate tissue pouch and is not connected to the other. The orthopedic effect that these mattresses give is very high.
    mattress, polyurethane foam or spring
    The weight of the human body is distributed evenly,since when applied to one spring, the other is not deformed. And if there is still a gasket made of latex, then such a mattress can be called anatomical. It not only easily adapts to the contours of your body, but also will remember them for prolonged use.
  3. Springless mattresses. They consist only of filler and do not have metal inserts.

One of the representatives of the third categoryis a polyurethane foam mattress. He got his name from the filler of the same name, which is sometimes called Porolon (after the name of the Scandinavian company). What is the advantage of this species? In his positive qualities, which are beneficial not only in your sleep, but also in health.

  1. The foam polyurethane mattress evenly distributes the load of your body, which does not lead to discomfort during sleep and promotes a vigorous awakening.
  2. High anatomical properties of such products that most accurately reproduce all the features of your body.
    polyurethane foam mattress reviews
  3. If you have a disproportionate addition, the foam polyurethane mattress is exactly what the doctor prescribed.
  4. Such products for sleep are simply necessary for people suffering from osteochondrosis, leading an active lifestyle.
  5. The absence of metal springs in such designs saves you from the magnetic and electrostatic effects on the body.
  6. The foam polyurethane mattress is able to withstand very high loads due to the hardness of the material or (in some models) the alternation of soft and hard layers.
  7. These products have noiselessness, which can also be relevant if you restlessly sleep and often toss.
  8. The lifetime of such mattresses is greater due to the lack of probability of breakage of the springs.
  9. Easy transportation due to the lack of a metal block.

All these qualities make it very attractivepolyurethane foam mattress. Customer feedback, in every way praising this product, is the best recommendation for those who are thinking about choosing a new mattress.

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