For what and at what age is the cat sterilized?

at what age do you sterilize a cat
Under the sterilization of a cat is understood a process, because of which the animal loses the ability to further reproduction.

Very often the question arises, at what age do you sterilize the cat. There is no unequivocal answer to it, there are several opinions on this matter.

At what age can you sterilize a cat?

There comes a time when to sterilize the catit becomes necessary, otherwise wild cries just do not give rest. This, of course, in the case when there is no desire to reduce the cat with the cat. The sterilization process must be carried out at the age when the cat can transfer it without any particular consequences. If a cat brings kittens, and they often are many, you will have a question about where to put them. One or two can be left to themselves, the rest will have to be put in good hands or taken to a special shelter. Therefore, if a person decided to start a cat at home for the soul, and not for breeding kittens, it must be sterilized.

At what age is the cat sterilized?

in which time to sterilize a cat

The most optimal age is 9-10 months. Earlier sterilization of the cat will adversely affect her health. The cat's body has not yet recovered, and in this connection it can hardly endure the operation, anesthesia and the postoperative period. In young cats, the ovaries at the age of 10 months are very small, in order to find them, a large incision is made. The search takes a lot of time and effort.

Average age for sterilization of a cat

The procedure in this case is equivalent to sterilizationcats at an early age. Undoubtedly, this will save the host from the nightly agonizing cries and will prevent unwanted offspring. Then at what age can a cat be sterilized without harm to her body? The optimal age is the time after the first heat. The operation for sterilization is also carried out by adult cats, who have already brought offspring. Deaths in this case are quite rare and often in those cats that have serious diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to check the general condition of the pet before sterilization before deciding.

Some people are convinced that one can not conductsterilization procedure if the cat has brought offspring. However, this is not true, which is confirmed by many scientists. If the cat is healthy, then it will easily transfer this operation and will rejoice its owners for many years.

how old can a cat be sterilized
How old can a cat be sterilized?

The exact conclusion of scientists-veterinarians is not present. Some claim that up to 8-9 years. Some are limited to the age of up to 2 years. However, everyone argues - the older the cat, the more difficult the sterilization process for the animal itself. To facilitate the life of your pet, do not wait and wait until the last.

Where to make sterilization of a cat?

To do this, you must first contact theany veterinary clinic and make an appointment, and at the same time ask the doctor at what age to sterilize the cat. At the end of the operation, it is recommended to leave the animal for several days under the supervision of specialists.

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