Goldfish care and maintenance in the aquarium

We treat the goldfish with special trepidationand affection, remembering from childhood a famous fairy tale. Perhaps, therefore, it is presented as a gift for birthdays, holidays, packed in transparent handbags, live wall panels or crystal glasses, forgetting that this is a living being. Meanwhile, the goldfish care good likes, it needs special conditions for maintenance. This is a very common and many favorite kind of aquarium fish, distinguished by its bright decorative and large size. It was bred in China, where in the Middle Ages decorated open artificial ponds in the gardens of Chinese emperors and nobility. So far, in this country, a special relation to the goldfish, its image is decorated with porcelain dishes, decorative mosaic panels, silk fabrics, etc.

In China, the main representatives of the speciesgoldfish: voyalevosty, fan tails, black, Chinese and calico telescopes, red cap, pearl, red lionhead, etc. Golden-red, bright orange, velvety-black species of this decorative fish are really an amazing decoration of aquariums.

Contents of goldfish in the aquarium

The first thing you need to know when purchasing a gold cabin- is that she needs a large enough spacious aquarium. Experienced aquariumists believe that for a comfortable living of one individual, about 40 liters of water is needed. Here it is also necessary to take into account that this fish grows to quite an impressive size. Therefore, for the maintenance of several fish, you will need an aquarium, the size of which is not less than 100 liters. In large aquariums, in addition, it is easier to maintain the bio-environment useful to its inhabitants, it is necessary to change the water less frequently, and the level of contamination in a large aquarium is much lower, which is important for keeping large aquarium fish.

After purchasing the right size aquarium,It is necessary to fill up the soil and pour water. For goldfish, the soil in the form of fine pebbles is the most suitable, but its fraction should not be too shallow, otherwise the fish can swallow a pebble. After the aquarium is filled with water, install the equipment. For a goldfish, dissolved oxygen in the water is needed, so it is very important to install not only a water filter, but also a compressor that pumps air.

Fish are fired into the aquarium in a few days,giving water to infuse, oxygenate. Beforehand, you can start snails in the aquarium to create the necessary bio-environment in the water. Goldfish care is good loving and appreciates taking care of it. In good conditions, these decorative fish grow large and become remarkably beautiful.

Goldfish: care

It is very important to properly feed the goldfish. There is a special feed for this type of aquarium fish. You can diversify the diet by adding small pieces of boiled egg to the aquarium, but at the same time to make sure that the fish is all podderla. The main thing in the diet regime is to observe the measure and not overfeed the fish, remembering that the goldfish is a glutton. In order to correctly determine the amount of feed, it is necessary to observe for three minutes during feeding after how many fish are eaten, and in the subsequent feeding give them exactly the same amount.

A goldfish prefers warm water. The water temperature in the aquarium should not be below 23 degrees. To determine the temperature of the water, you need a thermometer, which is lowered to the bottom of the aquarium. Of course, you need to monitor the purity of water, collect the remains of the vital activity of fish from the bottom, at least once a week to make a replacement of water by one-third of the volume of the aquarium. Goldfish care will appreciate this.

How to determine the sex of goldfish

In a home aquarium you can successfullyto breed goldfish. The sex of goldfish is simple, just look closely at the gill covers. In males they are covered with small white dots, similar to semolina, and females do not have such points.

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