The most beautiful breed of a cat - what are we talking about?

the most beautiful breed of cats photo
According to statistics, cats are the most popularPets. They are not fastidious in food and maintenance and give a lot of pleasure to their masters. There are many breeds of cats, some of which are rare and even under the protection of the state, since there is a likelihood of their extinction. The beauty of these animals can be evaluated in different ways, as they say, "the taste and color of a friend is not." Someone likes hairless sphinxes, someone prefers long-haired Persians and so on. In this article, we will talk about what there are the most beautiful breeds of cats (photos are also presented in the article).

  1. Angora (Turkish).Cats of this ancient breed have white wool of medium length and are very much appreciated in Turkey. Particular preference is given to pets with different eye color. The character of cats is soft, obedient, but rather self-willed. No matter how angor could she love and be devoted to her master, if she does not like something, she will not tolerate this.
  2. Siamese.It is difficult to recognize this breed, because the color of the animals is very specific: the dark muzzle, the tips of the paws and the tail. Siamese cats are noted for their cleverness and good learning ability. If desired, they can easily be taught to some teams.
  3. Another most beautiful breed of cat is the Bengal cat. Its features are a large body, an uncommon mind and a beautiful leopard coloration. Kitties of this breed will not go far
    beautiful breed of cats photo
    every person. The fact is that they are very fond of attention, and if you deprive them of this pleasure, it is easy to get back aggression and uncontrollable rage.
  4. Siberian.Long-haired cat with a large, muscular body and powerful paws. It is considered to be a native Russian, more precisely, a native of Siberia. The cat has a well developed hunter's instinct, from which she will not refuse, even when she is in a city apartment.
  5. The breed of cats nibelung can also rightfully havethe title "the most beautiful breed of a cat". In fact, her representative is a descendant of the Russian blue, but with a long fur that shimmers in the light. Nibelungs pathologically do not tolerate loneliness and are ready to follow their master on their heels.
  6. Toyger.This is a fairly young breed (it was bred in the early 90s of the XX century). The cat resembles a mini-tiger: its color is exactly the same as the color of the skin of a wild relative. She has a gentle temper and is very mobile, loves to play and
    the most beautiful breed of a cat
    frolic. At the moment the representatives of the breed "Toiger" are few.
  7. Scottish lop-eared.A true thoroughbred aristocrat who does not know what aggression and imbalance are. Scottish Fold can rightfully be called the "most beautiful breed of cat." It has standard sizes, dense fur coat and large bright eyes. A distinctive feature of this breed are the ears: they are as if bent inside.

8. Another of the most beautiful breed of cat is Singapura. Her wool is ivory with interspersed sepia. A cat with large almond-shaped eyes and a soft, calm character.

So, in this article we looked at the beautifulbreeds of cats (photo of which you can see above). Of course, there are many other pets that could be included in this list, but we told about the most basic breeds.

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