How to pull a tick from a cat? A few tips

how to pull a tick from a cat

From the middle of spring until the very end of August inforests, plantings, parks and gardens all known parasites - mites. They suffer from various diseases and are therefore very dangerous not only for humans, but also for animals.

How to pull a tick from a cat? There are many different ways. To remove it, various tools are used. Also, drops from ticks for cats can be of great help. All methods have their own merits, but they must be used very carefully, so as not to harm your pet.

So, let's start this operation. First, we will use the surgical method. A tweezer or clamp will help remove the parasite very easily and quickly. This is considered the most convenient way. When extracting a tick using tweezers, it is recommended to take the pest as close as possible to the place of bite on the animal's body. Then you need to pull the mite, while scrolling it counter-clockwise. After making a few turns, you can take out all the mites without leaving the cat's proboscis or the entire head in the cat's body. How to pull a tick from a cat and not break it with it? In no case do not sharply pull it out. If some part of the insect remains in the animal's body, very serious diseases can develop.

drops from ticks for cats
When pulling out the parasite, it is necessary that the hands have gloves. Do not touch the parasite with your bare hands. You can also get infected from it.

If you learned how to pull a tick from a cat, anddid the whole procedure, but in the body of the animal there remained the head of the insect, it is necessary to do the following. First of all, there is no need to be upset if attempts to extract the tick immediately did not bring a positive result. The remainder of the tick in the animal's body will not do him much harm. The pet's immune system can dislodge a foreign object from the body. It also creates a hotbed of infection.

If you are not sure that you know how to pull outMites in a cat is correct, it is better to seek help from a veterinarian. The doctor will do all the necessary work in a professional way, and at the end of the removal he will process the wound for your beloved animal. The veterinarian will also take all your tests from your pet.

how to pull a tick from a cat

It happens that there was not at hand eitherclamp, no tweezers, then there is another way - a rough thread. A loop from it will help to remove the tick. It is necessary to grab the tick by a loop closer to the skin of the cat, then the ends of the thread are compressed by the fingers and the body of the parasite is turned counter-clockwise.

Under no circumstances should oil be usedremoval of the tick. The fact is that by dropping the oil, we do not force the parasite out, but on the contrary, it releases its saliva even more into the wound of the animal. In this case, the insect will carry the infection into the cat's body in a larger dose. Do not use lacquer, alcohol, various ointments and oils if you are not sure of the positive result.

So, we have considered all possible waysExtract the mite from the body of your pet. Now you know some of the nuances, and they will tell you how to pull the tick from the cat, without damaging the body of the insect and without causing an inconvenience to the animal.

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