What the Turtle Eats: Features of Feeding

You do not know what the home turtle is eating, but whenDid you still get yourself such a pet? Then you should read this article. It is important to remember that these pets can not be fed with specialized feeds for cats or dogs, even if they use them with pleasure.

The choice of diet depends on what you haveturtle - land or water. Since your exotic friend can not take care of all the necessary vitamins and minerals, it is entirely your concern. The food should be balanced, the body must receive all the substances necessary for life.

what does turtle eat
What does the turtle eat while at home? Pet stores offer several ready-made feeds for turtles (they are available in the form of sausages or balls). Sharply change the type of food can not, because there is a violation of digestion, so new foods should be included in the diet gradually. If you have any doubts about the composition of the food, contact your veterinarian. If the pet refuses food for a long time, show it to the veterinarian without fail. A newly purchased turtle can also refuse to eat, since it has not yet settled in the new conditions. Before buying, ask the seller about what she was fed, and try to recreate the situation of the terrarium where she lived. They need to be fed during the day when they are active, or in the evening.

what do turtles eat
What do turtles have to do with water? They are predators and feed on food of animal origin. If your pet is young, then it can be fed with bloodworms, earthworms, dried fish, such as daphnia. If your pet is large, then he can try to give chicken meat, beef, but in small quantities. Raw meat can infect your turtle with salmonella, in addition, it lacks nutrients. Raw fish should be boiled for a couple of minutes. It is necessary to include insects in the diet of the pet.

In addition to animal feed, with age should be givenThey are plant food, mostly algae, which should be grown in a separate aquarium. Do not give poisonous algae, for example, elodei and limnofily. Pay attention to what the turtle eats with great pleasure, and pamper the pet. In addition to algae, you can give a dandelion (leaves), duckweed (previously washed with water). Of live fish, you can give guppies or swordbirds - so your pet can show and hunting skills.

what do the turtles eat?
What does a tortoise eat if it is land? In general, it is suitable vegetable food, with the exception of fruits, poisonous plants, mushrooms. Herbal food should be enough. Feed the turtle with dandelion, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, alfalfa. Once a week, you can give a boiled egg. Do not forget about vitamin supplements, especially if you have a young specimen. Large and round vegetables should be cut into small pieces to make it easier for the tortoise to consume them for food. Remains of food should be cleaned immediately.

Knowing that the turtle is eating, you can make for her a proper and complete diet.

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