Luminous dog collar. Characteristic and useful

Luminous dog collar - unique, fashionableand a practical accessory that has long ceased to be exotic. It is intended for walks with an animal. Most of all, it is effective in the evening and at night. Thanks to this gadget, the pet will always be in sight, even at a great distance.

luminous dog collar

Benefit of a glowing collar

This small device has not only a very beautiful and aesthetic appearance, but also performs vital and quite useful functions:

  • With his help the dog can be inthe range of visibility is almost up to 200 m. The owner of the animal can always see him during the whole walk, and he has the opportunity to fully control any situation, and in case of pet escape quickly find the loss.
  • Luminous dog collar allows you to warn drivers of vehicles and protect your pet from accidents on the road.
  • This accessory allows other people to notice the dog.

luminous dog collar


Luminous dog collar is made ofsufficiently strong nylon material. A convenient snap-lock allows the collar to easily be worn and removed from the neck of the pet. The collar has a special metal ring, which makes it possible to attach any leash. This gadget with backlight works from batteries that supply LEDs. Lamps or diode strands can brightly shine, flicker or shimmer depending on the selected mode. Color options are numerous, and some collars have built-in diodes in different colors, which makes it possible to "turn" the green strap into red, blue or multi-colored. To do this, simply switch the mode.

Glowing Collars for Small Dogs

Now in the shops you can find a large selection of glowing collars for very small dogs.

glowing collars for small dogs

These gadgets are very beautiful and durable. They are an integral and necessary element, because the owners of pets need to ensure that their puppy was safe. Such an accessory is simply necessary for evening or night walks with a small pet of a decorative breed. It is suitable only for the tiniest breeds of dogs, to which the Yorkshire Terrier primarily refers, its color merges with the night haze, and such a gadget will make the dog visible during night walks. The same can be said about the Chihuahua or the luxurious dog of the Pomeranian Pomeranian, it will be very sad to lose your baby in the dark.

Characteristics of a luminous accessory for very small pets

  • Luminous dog collar is made of durable high-quality nylon-containing material.
  • It has a waterproof housing.
  • This unique accessory works in three modes of light: LEDs constantly glow brightly or blink (slowly or quickly).
  • The length of the collar is 20 - 28 cm, it is easily adjustable.
  • It has a width of 1.3-1.5 cm.
  • This is a very durable and lightweight accessory. Its weight is only 22-30 g.
  • The range of visibility is 150 - 200 m.
  • Batteries can last for 200 hours of operation.
  • Luminous dog collar can have a variety of colors.

Let your pet be safe.

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