What happens to the body in 2 weeks of pregnancy

The birth of a new life is a brightand an amazing miracle. Learning about their pregnancy, many women are frightened and lost, because pregnancy, especially the first, always brings both joy and fear.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, the baby will turn from a simple unicellular organism into a small embryo, which is already like a little man. 2 weeks of pregnancy is the onset of new sensations, the realization of abrupt changes, both in the body and in relationships.

For many couples, this is the most difficult time whenmisunderstanding may arise. Some women in the 2 weeks of pregnancy experience the first symptoms - nausea, irritability and fatigue. It also happens that the first symptoms become the most horrible and monstrous days, the breast seems to be heavy, constantly nauseous and vomits, the mood changes every time, and the surrounding people do not understand at all. Sometimes it's just impossible to cope with such emotions, women often undergo tears, stress and crying.

In 2 weeks of pregnancy, metabolism may be impairedsubstances, appetite disappears or vice versa, active nutrition begins. There are so-called "whims", when a girl wants to eat something unusual or completely uncombatable, for example, salted cucumbers with sweets at once. You can not deny a pregnant woman her desires, because from this she can begin to cry, fight in hysterics or even, accept the pose "no one likes me". For 2 weeks of gestation, signs may be in the form of intolerance to smells. Aversion and nausea can be not only from the smells of perfumes, deodorants and air fresheners. Nausea in pregnancy can arise from the smell of food.

2 weeks of pregnancy - these are the days whena woman needs to see a doctor. The most ideal option is up to 12 weeks, but it is better not to delay, because the normal course of pregnancy and a healthy baby will depend on the advice of a doctor. In the first days of a visit to a gynecologist, treatment is prescribed if there are signs of complications, as well as vitamins and complex supplements necessary for a pregnant woman and a future child. Vulnerability and sensitivity are another signs of pregnancy, a girl can become more tender, caring and affectionate, support for the future of the pope and a loved one may want her like never before. Pregnancy 2 weeks of symptoms is also an early toxicosis, which, unfortunately, can not be cured. He can only wait and lighten a little, for example, try to eat a little and often, but only healthy food, rest more and live only a positive attitude - communicate with loved ones, watch good comedies, love yourself and the baby.

Toxicosis and other symptoms of pregnancynot every woman can suffer. Many girls miraculously avoid such "illness", pregnancy with each month proceeds at them well. But there are also such women who do not have early toxicosis, but they feel disgustingly in the last months of pregnancy, this is called late toxicosis. 2 weeks of gestation signs - it's also a constant visit to the toilet, in this case urination increases. If it is accompanied by pain, then you should urgently go to the doctor to avoid diseases of the genitourinary system, for example, cystitis.

So, 2 weeks of pregnancy is a difficult time,in which a woman can not get into stressful and conflict situations, communicate with cold and sick people. At this time, the second half becomes changeable, it is necessary to get used to this, in order not to make mistakes in the future. Support for close people and a positive attitude can work wonders, a girl will know that she is loved and desired, and her future baby will bring a lot of happiness and love to the house.

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