The first day of a newborn's life is the happiest event in my mother's life

Both physically and psychologically difficultthe baby is at a time when the connection with the mother is lost with the cutting of the umbilical cord. Now the little one will have to breathe on his own, eat, in one word - live. Already on the first day of life a newborn is waiting for a lot of impressions from communicating with the outside world. In the period of adaptation of the child to life outside the mother's womb, all vital reflexes are produced.

the first day of a newborn's life

Intuition always tells the mother about the needs of her baby. Learn to trust yourself.

Signs of good health of the newborn

The most important indicator of your baby's healthis his dream. In infants, it is not strong. At the moment of sleep, there are senseless movements of arms and legs, it seems to you that the child is smiling. In the first days of the newborn's home, however, as well as later, there is no need to swaddle it, stretching out the limbs, as the baby will experience discomfort.

After a dream, the baby begins to actively move, scream, although he does not know how to cry (due to undeveloped lacrimal glands).

On the first day of life of a newborn and onfor 2-3 days the stool is dark, viscous, the intestines are empty, and only after seven days the stool turns yellow, the frequency of emptying is reduced to three to five times per day.

the first days of a newborn's care

Urine is released in the first day. If the child does not have urination, it can be the cause of a urological illness.

Features of baby's life after birth

After birth, the baby's skin canslightly peel off, and after two or three days, a yellow shade may appear. This is due to hepatic underdevelopment. After a lapse of one to two weeks, the color of the skin will recover.

Such unpleasant moments, as shouts, can testify that the child has gas colic.

In the first days of a newborn's life, care for him must be special. Monitor the temperature scale in the nursery. No need to heat the room, noticing the coolness of the palms and feet of the baby.

Immediately after birth, the child loses weight (due to frequent bowel movements), and after a few days the weight is restored.

Already on the first day of a newborn's life, there are such reflexes as sucking, grasping, reflex protection, etc. If these reflexes are not present, these are signs of abnormalities in the nervous system.

Ability of the child

Children are born with already developed feelings of taste,smell, tactile sensations. The child sees, 3-4 weeks later - reacts to sounds, is indignant when experiencing discomfort (hunger, hypothermia, etc.), enjoys pleasant things.

the first days of a newborn's home

One month later, the stage of infancy begins. The actions of the baby are already conscious, he recognizes Mom and Dad, reaches for his mother's breast. Every day in his behavior, you notice something new.

Already on the first day of life of a newborn babylove, cherish, take care of it. And with each passing day, the love of parents for the very native little man becomes even stronger. And the happiness of both the baby and the parents increases.

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