Vitamins for pregnant women and their influence on baby's development

When a woman is in a position, her bodyneeds much more supply with various vitamins, beneficial substances and minerals. This has a crucial role both for the health of the mother and the preservation of pregnancy, and for the full and successful development of the baby.

Even the ideal adherence to the recommended diet is not a guarantee of full supply with the necessary amount of nutrients, which is why doctors prescribe vitamins for pregnant women.

Unfortunately, some women consideradditional source of various trace elements unnecessary. But what can lead to a lack of nutrients during pregnancy? First of all, it will affect the health and well-being of the mother. There is increased fatigue, dizziness, immunity is not excluded, the worst is miscarriage or premature birth in the early stages. Inadequate intake of vitamins during pregnancy or rejection of them directly affects the formation of the fetus, its internal organs, the nervous system. Children who receive less nutrients during fetal development are characterized by weak immunity, susceptibility to various viral and infectious diseases, mental disorders, and poor memory are not excluded.

About his health and the health of the baby mom standsto think about at the planning stage. Take vitamins for pregnant women, thereby providing your body with the necessary nutrients for the development of the baby from the first weeks of its development. Plus, it will reduce the risk of anemia in the mother, problems with the teeth and even relieve the toxicosis.

What vitamins to take during pregnancy during the first trimester?

Usually in this period the physician is assigned onlyfolic acid. This is the most important vitamin for the development of the child in the early stages of pregnancy. It is better to start taking folic acid three months before the expected pregnancy. Provision of this element reduces the risk of many diseases of the child, including hydrocephalus and anencephaly. It promotes the best cell division and normal fetal development, promotes the correct formation of the placenta. Folic acid plays a huge role in the development of the nervous system and internal organs of the baby, which is so active in the first months of pregnancy. The lack of this important element can have a very adverse effect on the development of the child. There may be various vices, including the influence on the formation of the brain. Do not ignore the folic acid intake!

Another component that is prescribed for pregnant womenwomen in the early stages, iodine. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland of the mother, and the hormones of the gland directly affect the preservation of pregnancy. Iodine deficiency occurs in 80% of pregnant women, causing rapid fatigue and fatigue in the mother. Thyroid hormones are involved in a variety of different processes, vitamins for pregnant women that contain iodine, contribute to the proper formation of the fetal nervous system, affect its mental and physical development.

In the second and third trimester are already appointedvitamins for pregnant women in the form of a special complex. Such complexes are designed specifically for adoption during pregnancy, one portion of vitamins (usually in the form of a pill) contains a daily dose of all the necessary substances. The assortment is quite large. Most often Vitur Prenatal Forte, Complivit mum, Alphabet is issued. Receiving these funds is recommended to continue after the birth of the child, to support the quality of breastfeeding.

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