What is the Day of the Medic in Russia?

No one will argue with the fact that people,working in the medical field, deserve special respect. After all, we owe them our health, and sometimes our life. Doctors can correct human inattention to their body. They know what medications need to be assigned to a particular patient, what to include or exclude from the diet, what kind of surgery is needed to save a person. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that in the Russian Federation and many other countries

What is the date of the doctor?
it is customary to celebrate Medic's Day. What date is this holiday, not all citizens of Russia know, but it would have cost. After all, maybe during this holiday you will have to go to the hospital and it will be very embarrassing if you do not congratulate, at least with words, your doctor or a nurse on a professional holiday.

And if you among your relatives or close friends havepeople working in the medical field, then you just have to know what day the Medic is. After all, you must have repeatedly turned to them for help, and it would be wrong not to congratulate them on such a holiday.

According to the decree of the President of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Day of the Medical Worker is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. That is, remember once and for all what

Day of the physician: what number?
The Day of the Medic is impossible, because eachyear this number varies, only days and weeks remain unchanged. It was on this day that doctors, nurses, lab assistants and other people who devoted their lives to medicine, especially want to feel their need. They are proud of their profession and want people around them to share their joy on this day. The medical day is probably the only day of the year when a medical worker can, without hesitation, state about his achievements and successes in providing medical care to people. And the people surrounding the medical workers should know when their loved ones celebrate the Day of the Medic and make this holiday even more pleasant.

And although the situation that has developed in our medical institutions is not the best (obsolete equipment, old premises, lack of quality

When do they celebrate Medic Day?
medicines and drugs), physicians still do notrefuse to fulfill their professional duty. Although in those countries where the development of the medical sphere the state allocates enough money and in hospitals has the most diverse art equipment, the main figures still remain a doctor and other staff of hospitals and clinics. Therefore, it's the least that we can do for them to know what day the medic is and congratulate them on this holiday. After all, our sincere wishes can add to medical professionals confidence in their abilities and the need for humanity.

It is worth noting that, having learned, what day is Dayphysician, it is necessary to take care of congratulations not only for familiar doctors and nurses, but also for all those who contribute to medical science. We are talking about engineers and technologists, constantly inventing new types of equipment for diagnosing diseases and their treatment. Also, laboratory assistants, biologists, chemists, medical orderlies and other workers deserve congratulations, though somehow involved in the medical field.

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