Aesthetic education is the formation of the artistic taste of personality

Every parent wants his child to bediversified. Aesthetic education is the formation of aesthetic views and needs of the baby. Such a purposeful impact on the personality is possible only if the child is given timely creative impressions and creates conditions for self-realization of his artistic talents.

Artistic and aesthetic education of preschool children

aesthetic education is
Spiritual qualities of personality are inseparably linked withlevel of its aesthetic culture, therefore, education in an educational institution is always complex. In any educational system, the areas of work are distinguished, but here the precise boundaries, where the formation of one quality ends and the impact on the other begins, can not be tracked. The formation of the spiritual, moral and aesthetic properties of the personality is associated with the impact on the emotional sphere of children. Masterpieces of art and works of classics have a time-tested positive emotional charge, and therefore they are used in the process of shaping the aesthetic qualities of the growing personality. Aesthetic education is also an introduction to the work of great masters who have left their mark on the art and culture of human civilization. It is proved that bringing the preschool child to the beautiful contributes to the emergence of an early need for artistic self-expression.

artistic aesthetic education of preschool children
Complex approach to the formation of aesthetic culture

Since this process is very multifaceted,is also connected with the formation of ecological, ethical, creative and other cultures. In this regard, and implemented a comprehensive approach to the process of education in all educational institutions: school, out-of-school and preschool. The most common methods and forms of aesthetic education remain traditional: participation of preschool children and schoolchildren in creative circles and sections, excursions, visits to cultural institutions of the city, talks, lectures and meetings with workers in various professional fields, etc.

Efficiency of the process of education

Aesthetic education is also creativeself-expression of the person, the necessary conditions for which should be created not only in the institution, but also at home. An indicative criterion by which the effectiveness of such a process can be tracked is the need for a transformation of the surrounding space. After all, aesthetic development is not only passive perception, but also active participation in any kind of activity. Involvement of children in various types of creative activity will develop the aesthetic properties of the individual and the need for more qualitative self-expression from time to time. If there is not enough attention to this aspect of upbringing in the garden that the child is attending, then use the opportunities of the additional education organizations.

aesthetic development is


Parents should first of all pay enoughattention to such an important component of the formation of the child's personality, as an aesthetic education. This will allow the child in the future to make his choice in the direction of the development of certain creative abilities more consciously. After becoming older, he will already have a certain amount of knowledge and emotional impressions, in order to choose a profession or simply a hobby of his own.

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