The first bathing of a newborn: what new parents need to know.

The first bathing of the newborn is caused bynew parents a lot of questions. How to bathe properly, which bath to prefer, what should be the temperature of the water and whether it is necessary to use the diaper in the old manner?

So, about everything in order.

When to bathe the newborn

If the baby's appearance occurred withoutall complications, then on the third day he and his mother are discharged from the hospital. And on arrival home, one of the main questions of parents is the question of bathing. Almost all pediatricians agree that the first bathing of the newborn should be postponed until the umbilical cord disappears. This event occurs about 7-10 days after the birth of the child. Before this period, all hygienic procedures for body care can be carried out using moist sanitary napkins. Napkins should be chosen specially designed for young children and pay special attention to the lack of alcohol and antibacterial agents in their composition.

Why can the first bathing of a newborn baby be carried out only after the umbilical cord dries?

The thing is that in the unhealed umbilical woundcan get microbes, which not only can delay the process of healing, but also lead to inflammation of the navel. In addition, drying crusts, quickly soak in water and sloppy movement when wiping a child can damage the wound that has not yet healed.

Time for bathing

Bathing kids are recommended before the last onefeeding. The refreshing bath, followed by a tight feeding, - all this ensures a strong and calm sleep of the baby at night. But it is the first bathing of a newborn to be best transferred to an earlier period. Pick up the time when your kid is calm, when neither you nor his nothing disturbs, you have a good mood and your hands do not shake with excitement or fatigue. That's when you can start. Nothing terrible will happen if you wait for a convenient moment, wait a couple of days with a bath. Your peace and positive attitude plus no problems for the baby is the guarantee that the first bathing of the newborn will be successful and will bring joy not only to the child, but also to his parents.

A small or large bath?

Virtually all parents preparing for the emergence ofchild, buy small baby baths, thinking that bathing a child in a large shared bathroom is not worth it. Does the child need his private bath? Small baths appeared in those days when our great-grandmothers did not even dream of a water pipe and the availability of their own bath. The child was bathed in a trough or other suitable container.

Now such problems simply do not exist. Therefore, the purchase of a baby bath is only a whim of the parents, and not a necessity. Bathing a child in a large bath is not only possible, but will bring you and the baby a lot of fun. Moreover, now there are many adaptations for bathing babies. Special inflatable circles, which are put on the neck, will help the child to stay on the water and freely move around the bathroom. In addition, in a large bathroom you can teach your child to dive. Infants have an amazing instinct that allows them, automatically when they immerse themselves in water, to hold their breath.

Of course, the first bath should be done without"Extreme", so that the child is a little comfortable, and you have become accustomed. But in the following, it is possible to enjoy modern inventions and experiment.

Of course, with such bathing, no diaperthe baby is not needed. This remnant remained in the memory of grandmothers, who, trying to protect children, when bathing in wooden containers, from splinters, carefully swaddled them.

Water temperature

The optimum temperature for bathingThe newborn is considered to be 37C. When your baby gets used to daily hygiene procedures, you can gradually reduce the water temperature to 35 degrees. The child will not only be tempered, but, losing a huge amount of energy, stronger than sleeping.

Bathing newborns is a process that gives joy to both babies and their parents. Do not deny yourself the pleasure and enjoy these wonderful moments.

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