Children's three-wheeled strollers

Carriages on three wheels appeared on the Russian market not so long ago, but very quickly gained popularity among consumers due to their unusual design.

The main advantagethree-wheeled stroller - an extraordinary maneuverability. The choice in favor of such a children's transport should be done for families leading an active lifestyle, running, roller-skating, often traveling to nature and mountains. In America and Europe, many young mothers with strollers are engaged in running, not on alleys and sidewalks, but over rough terrain. Three-wheeled carriages help them develop decent speed. In our country, sports are not as developed as they are abroad, so wheelchairs on three wheels are more of a fashion than necessity.

three-wheeled strollers

There are several types of three-wheeled wheelchairs:

1. Universal, the so-called "3 in 1" and "2 in 1" strollers, in which a cradle for newborns, a walking block and a child car seat of category 0+ can be installed on one chassis.

2. Stroller-transformers. They, like universal, are suitable for children from birth to up to four years. This is achieved due to the fact that the backrest of the stroller can be decomposed almost 180 degrees (in reality it is usually 170 degrees). Some transformers are equipped with a cradle-liner.

3. Three-wheeled strollers suitable for children who already know how to sit. The back of such strollers can take several positions, so that the child can sleep during the walk.

To some models of three-wheeled carriagessold special attachment-adapters, which allow you to install on the chassis of a children's car seat. It turns out the so-called "system for travel". Families in which there is a car and who often travel to shopping centers will appreciate the undeniable convenience of such a system: if a child falls asleep in a car, do not necessarily wake him to move into a stroller, you just need to rearrange the car seat with the baby.

For twins or children, there are two-seat children's three-wheeled strollers. For example, Phil and Teds: Classic, Vibe, Explorer and other models.

children's three-wheeled carriages

One front wheel makes the wheelchair maneuverable,but not as stable as the four-wheel analogs. Perhaps, this is the main disadvantage of three-wheeled strollers. Another significant disadvantage is the wheelbase (in comparison with conventional wheelchairs). Because of this, three-wheeled carriages are not placed in every passenger elevator.

stroller three-wheeled

I should say a few words about the front wheelstrollers, because it provides the maneuverability and patency of children's transport. The wheel can be doubled (like the strollers Jetem Prism 901 W or Quinny Buzz 3) and single. The twin makes it more stable, but makes it difficult to move in the winter, as snow is clogged. For maximum ease of use of the stroller, the front wheel should rotate 360 ​​degrees, while being able to lock in one position. This is necessary to overcome stairs, curbs and other difficult road sections. Good manufacturers have a front wheel control system on the stroller handle so that mom does not have to bend each time, accordingly, this increases the cost of the stroller.

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