Bathing a newborn with a circle. At what age can I start?

Recently, it has become fashionable to teach childrenswimming from the first days of life. In large cities, moms with monthly crumbs are engaged in the pool, fixing the innate reflex of delaying breathing underwater in infants. Such children in six months independently swim and dive, feeling in the water is sometimes more comfortable than on land. But not every parent decides to go swimming with his baby, and those who wish often do not have the opportunity to visit the pool. But many babies are very fond of water treatments, and I want them to enjoy and benefit from bathing. What to do? To help you - a circle for bathing babies! This safe device will make bathing not just a hygienic procedure, but a fun and rewarding occupation. Massage, entertainment, gymnastics, play - all this is the bathing of a newborn with a circle. From what age can you begin such activities and how to do it correctly and safely? This is in our article.

bathing a newborn with a circle

The construction of such a circle is elementary - this is oneor two round airbags with inflatable valves. Usually there are two buckles and handles for which parents can hold the device. In some models, manufacturers add a game element - rattles or bells, which make sounds when the child moves. When choosing a circle, pay attention to the edges of its inner surface, so that they do not injure the delicate skin of the baby's neck. There must be a ledge for the chin. If all these conditions are met, it will be absolutely safe to bathe the newborn with a circle. At what age should I start? You decide.

baby swimming cap

Manufacturers on the packaging usually indicateage from birth to two years. However, if you decide to use his first month of the baby's life, be careful and watch that the child does not "fail" in the circle for bathing the newborn. The reviews of many mothers say that the hole for newly born babies is a little big, and in the first month or two it is necessary either to keep the child's head all the time or not to use the circle at all until the child's head reaches the appropriate size.

circle for bathing newborns reviews

Even if your baby does not have a head,bathing a newborn with a circle (from what age - it does not matter) is possible. The child does not need effort and strain of the neck muscles, this is not dangerous, because experts take part in the development of circles, and the products are tested when they enter the market.

Those moms and dads who have problems withback, which does not allow you to bathe your little one, bending down, will appreciate the bathing of the newborn with the circle. At what age you would not start, just blow the circle, put it on the baby and put the baby in the water. Your child will swim on his own, without your help, turning from his tummy to the back and back. It is especially useful to carry out this procedure before going to bed - if the water is slightly cooler than usual, the child will actively move and spend energy. After that, deep sleep is guaranteed. If the water is warm, the muscles of the child will relax.

An alternative to the circle is a cap forbathing newborns. It is a piece of polystyrene, covered with a cloth, and two ties that the parent holds. The child in such a cap swims only on the back, unlike the circle. The circle can also be used when swimming in an open water body: river, lake, sea. In this case, be sure to be near, supporting the crumb and watching the waves! It is not recommended to use a cap in open water.

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