What is herpes sore throat in children? Than to treat an infection?

Angina is subject to both adults and children. Surely everyone knows that acute inflammation of the tonsils can bring a number of inconveniences and complications with untimely begun therapy. Medicine distinguishes several varieties of angina: fibrous, follicular, atypical, lacunar, phlegmatic and others. Today you will learn how to diagnose herpes sore throat in children. Than to treat illness or disease? That's the question that torments parents, and we will try to give him a detailed answer.

Herpes sore throat in children than to treat

How is herpes sore throat diagnosed in children?

Than to treat the given disease? The method of eliminating signs is traditional, but there are several nuances. Do not do without antihistamines, antiseptic and antiviral medicines. Antipyretic, analgesic and sedative drugs are used. At the first clinical manifestations, it is necessary to immediately take therapeutic measures and call a doctor to establish a diagnosis.

At the very beginning of the disease, the following symptoms are characteristic:

  • coryza;
  • pershenie and pain in the throat;
  • weakness;
  • subfebrile temperature (up to 38 degrees).

But literally every other day it flares up in full forceherpes sore throat in children. The treatment is aimed at removing the main symptoms, eliminating the edema of the tonsils. And contribute to faster recovery of rinsing with medicinal herbs, for example, decoctions of eucalyptus, chamomile, sage or calendula. A solution of furacilin and manganese helps a lot.

Herpes sore throat in children

If you start the disease, then the childthe temperature rises to 40 C, lymph nodes on the neck, under the jaw and ear lobes increase. The kid experiences severe pain when swallowing. When examining the oral cavity, one can see a characteristic rash of red vesicles. It can be located in the sky, tonsils, pharynx and tongue. If bacterial flora joins the infection, then the bubbles are suppressed, and then burst. In their place, small ulcers are formed, covered with whitish coating, which stick together, forming "cortical islets." In children under the age of 3, such symptoms may be absent, but there is pain in the intestine, nausea, and sometimes vomiting. In 30% of cases, this happens because of the infectious intestinal virus infecting the body.

Why does herpes sore throat develop in children: the causes of the disease

Herpetic tonsillitis, in contrast to otherssubspecies of infection. mainly has a seasonal character, that is, it manifests itself in autumn and summer. Infection is carried out by fecal-oral or air-drop method from the carrier of the disease. It can also appear against adenovirus or influenza. Young children with a weak immune system are subjected to it.

herpes sore throat in children

Herpes sore throat in children: how to treat the infection?

A child needs a copious drink, best of alluse infusions or decoctions of medicinal plants that have antiseptic and diaphoretic effects. It is recommended alkaline mineral water and irrigation of the throat with medicinal aerosols (Chlorophyllipt, Iodinol, Oracept, Kameton, Geksoral, Panavir). To remove the pain and heat, special medications are prescribed, preference is given to "Acetaminophen" and "Ibuprofen." When attaching a bacterial infection, antibiotics are necessary.

To strengthen immunity the doctor will write outimmunomodulating agents. It is forbidden to use inhalations or compresses, because under the influence of a warm vapor, the blood flows even more to the sick tonsils, eventually leading to the spread of the infection. The most effective and proven remedy is gargling. Babies can do irrigation with a syringe (without a needle).

Insidious disease - herpes sore throat in children.Than to treat illness, you now know, but it is better not to be engaged in independent therapy without survey of the pediatrist. It must be remembered that untreated tonsillitis is fraught with relapses and dangerous complications in the form of jade, meningitis, rheumatism, myocarditis and encephalitis.

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