When Qurban Bairam is celebrated by Muslims? Description of the holiday

The holiday of Kurban Bairam is one of the mainin the Islamic religion. From Arabic, the word "kurban" means rapprochement with the Almighty. Since the time of the prophet Ibrahim, this holiday has begun. In many Muslim countries it is celebrated at the state level, so when Kurban-Bayram is always a day off.

history of the holiday

Many centuries ago, the prophet Ibrahim the Most Highsent hard trials, he was commanded to sacrifice to bring his own son, who was called Ismail. The Prophet agreed with the will of the Most High Force, no matter how bitter it was for him to sacrifice his child. But everything turned out differently, Ibrahim, who stood the test, got a living son, and a sheep was sacrificed. Since then, and began to celebrate this holiday. When Kurban-Bayram comes, many rituals are performed, which symbolize gratitude to the Almighty. It is also customary to go on a visit to guests and meet guests, prepare a lot of delicious dishes, give gifts, treat and help the poor. At this time people visit the graves of their relatives and friends, pray for them and give out a treat.

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Traditions of the holiday

The night when Kurban-Bayram comes, one shouldconduct in worship. And before dawn, they perform the procedure for the complete ablution of the body, dress in smart clothes and wait for the morning namaz. And be sure to be friendly, polite and give everyone good deeds. Namaz in the mosque, when the Kurban-bayran comes, begins immediately after sunrise and is slightly different from usual. Then they make a priest's offering.

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Special requirements are imposed on a person,who will perform this ritual. He must necessarily be a Muslim, an adult, completely mentally healthy and well-off. However, the financial shortage does not prohibit the kurban. Mainly sheep are sacrificed, but in some regions goats, bulls, camels are used. It is forbidden to sacrifice a sick, damaged or weak animal. Meat is divided into three parts, one of which is left for the family, the other is given to relatives and neighbors, and the third is distributed to the poor. Kurban-bairam is a great holiday that teaches faith and charity, and meat from the sacrificed animal symbolizes love and concern for believers about each other.
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Celebration of Kurban Bayram

In different countries this holiday has its ownfeatures. But when Kurban Bairam comes, mosques are collected by millions of believers all over the world. It begins every year in different ways, it is celebrated seventy days after Uraza-Bairam. The end of the fast of Ramadan ends the holidays such as Uraza Bayram and Kurban Bairam. The number of the holiday depends on the lunar calendar. In whatever country Muslims live, on this holiday everyone praises and exalts in the prayers of the Most High, give alms to the needy. So, the holiday of Kurban-Bayram 2013 was held on October 15. Muslims cherish and cherish the customs and traditions of this holiday, which came from ancient times, which carries faith and teaches charity.

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