When to go on maternity leave? The optimal period

Pregnancy is an important period in the life of anya woman who carries not only the joy of the upcoming meeting with the baby, but also some inconvenience. First of all, it is stress for the body. No matter how the future mother tries to keep the old pace of life, she still expects a lot of changes. All the work of the body is rebuilt in a new way in order to provide the most comfortable conditions now for two. Therefore, one of the most exciting topics for a future mother is the question of when to go on maternity leave.

Rest or change of activity

when to go on maternity leave
All women, when they go on maternity leave,anticipate peace and quiet. They think that there will be no bosses with constant complaints, you will not have to wake up very early and sit for 8 hours in one place. On the one hand, all, of course, it is, but, on the other hand, the expectant mother is waiting for a new, no less responsible work at home. You should carefully prepare the house for the appearance of a baby in it, clean everything carefully, because the immunity of newborns is so weak that it can not withstand any dirt. It is necessary to acquire all the things necessary for the crumbs, to equip a room for him. Care should be taken to choose a crib, mattress, blanket, pillow, first things and a children's first aid kit. In general, there are enough worries. So when to go on maternity leave in order to catch everything?

Time for vacation

Familiar to all the concept of "decree" in factimplies two separate holidays. The first of these is maternity leave, and the second is postpartum. However, this distinction is more formal. All payments are made at a time, documents are processed at a time.

when go on maternity leave
In accordance with labor legislationa woman can leave the decree when the gestation period is 30 weeks. In the consultation, where she is on the register, you need to get a certificate of incapacity for work and a certificate of timely registration. With these documents, she can calmly decorate herself with a deserved rest. However, it is not necessary to do it at once. When to go on maternity leave, every future mother has the right to decide on her own. If she feels fine and has a desire to continue working, then you can write a statement later. In addition, you can ensure yourself an early maternity leave, combining it with a legitimate annual vacation. Thus, the decree for you can start as early as the 25th week of pregnancy (this depends only on the duration of the vacation that is provided by the employer).

How long does the maternity

early maternity leave
When to leave for maternity leave, a woman canto solve independently, but for how many days - it does not depend on it anymore. If pregnancy is singleton, proceeds normally, without complications, then prenatal rest is equal to 70 days. In the case of multiple pregnancy or with any deviations in the course of its course, leave will be 84-86 days. If the future mother lives in the radiation zone or has been exposed to radiation earlier, her prenatal leave can be 90 days.

Duration of postpartum leaveis determined by the course of the birth itself. If everything went without complications, then the woman is entitled to rest 70 days, if the birth was difficult and with any negative consequences - 86 days. At the birth of more than one child, the vacation will be 110 days.

After the end of these two holidays, a happy mother can take a childcare leave for up to 3 years.

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