How to organize a walk with a newborn in the fall?

Fresh air is necessary for babies from the first dayslife. Probably will enjoy walks and a young mother, because it's so nice to be on the street after being imprisoned in the hospital, to talk with friends who have kids, or to make new acquaintances with friends in happiness. How to dress a baby to visit the street? How long should a walk with a newborn fall, and is the weather important?

When and how to start walking?

Walking with a newborn in the fall
Autumn is not oriented on the calendar, buton the weather outside the window. In September-October, if the window is warm and sunny, you can go out in five days after the long-awaited discharge from the hospital. If the window is gloomy and dank, it makes sense to sit at home for a week or at least wait for more favorable weather. Even with warm air and absence of wind, the first walks with a newborn in the autumn are short. Beginning makes sense from 20 minutes. If you are uncomfortable taking out the stroller for such a short time, try to take out the baby to breathe on your hands or use the balcony of your apartment for walks. Do like to be in the fresh air baby, you'll understand right away. If the crumb on the street is sleeping or behaving calmly, increase the day by day duration of walks.

How to dress a baby?

Newborn baby walks
The choice of clothes for a child is anotheran urgent problem for parents. As a top layer, a coveralls or a sleeping envelope matched by season. For the beginning of autumn, a fine sintepon will be enough, but for the last month, preference should be given to the natural fur, and do not forget to insulate the baby with a blanket (of course, if necessary). Time walking with the newborn also affects the choice of clothing. In the daytime, you can put your baby a little cooler than in the evening. As a lower garment is required a thin and flannel raspashki, cotton sliders, as well as a knitted or terry suit on top. Hats should also be at least two - a normal cap and knitted or woolen top. If the street is cool, do not forget about warm socks or booties. Determine whether you dressed the baby correctly, you can on arrival home: the handles and legs of the child should be warm, but there should not be sweat either.

When and how best to go for a walk?

Time for walking with a newborn
Before you leave the baby, you should feed and change.If the kid is naughty, this is no excuse to refuse to visit the street. Walking with a newborn in the fall allows you to roll the wheelchair in a convenient rhythm, which means that you have a great opportunity to put the raging baby to sleep. Be sure to bring a raincoat to transport the child. It is also desirable to choose a stroller for autumn with a deep and dense hood, and a cape for the legs is also mandatory. A newborn baby walks will love for sure if you visit with him cozy parks and squares, trying to avoid crowded streets. Do not forget that it is not necessary to always walk in a stroller, a sling or a backpack-carry diversify your joint with the baby leisure. In order to walk with a newborn in the fall bring maximum joy, to think Mom should and about yourself. Choose comfortable shoes and clothes, if you want you can take with you to the street a drink and some snack, as well as an interesting book in case you are tired of walking and decide to rest on the bench while the child is sleeping.

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