How ectopic pregnancy develops, treatment and prevention

Pregnancy of a woman flows into the cavity of heruterus, where the fetus is formed and develops. However, in some cases, the egg for some reason does not reach the uterus, so the fetus is formed in the fallopian tube or ovary. This is how an ectopic pregnancy develops, the treatment of which is reduced to surgical intervention. To date, this phenomenon occurs quite often, with the embryo developing no more than six weeks, after which the pipe breaks. This situation poses a danger to the health of the woman and is the cause of the violation of her reproductive function.

A common cause of development of ectopic pregnancyis the presence of an inflammatory process that takes place in the fallopian tubes, accompanied by a disruption of the endocrine system. Also, the reasons for the development of ectopic pregnancy include:

- infections of the bladder, uterus and appendages;

- tumors in the fallopian tubes or endometriosis;

- disorders of the hormonal background;

- abortions and spontaneous abortions;

- damage to the fallopian tubes due to the diagnosis of uterine patency;

- stress.

Apparently, ectopic pregnancy, treatmentwhich must be carried out immediately, has many causes. In early terms, it is difficult to distinguish it from normal pregnancy, since it does not show any alarming symptoms. The main sign of its development is the blood and abdominal pain that can spread to other areas. If such a pregnancy is not diagnosed in time, a tube break occurs, accompanied by a sharp pain in the abdomen, dizziness, lowering of blood pressure, internal bleeding, and body temperature remain unchanged.

Diagnose such a pregnancy with vaginal ultrasound and tests for HCG.

Currently, it is used to interrupt itThe surgical method, which involves the incision of the abdominal wall. However, in this case, rehabilitation after ectopic pregnancy takes a long time. A woman is not allowed to have children for a certain period of time, and the most important point is that various complications are possible after surgery, resulting in infertility or an ectopic pregnancy, the treatment of which has been carried out, is repeated again.

So, after surgery, only50% of women become pregnant afterwards without any deviations, the rest have problems with it. Therefore, doctors are faced with the task of preserving the woman's ability to conceive and give birth to a child. After surgery, she needs special treatment aimed at restoring reproductive functions, which takes place in several stages. It can be said that treatment after an ectopic pregnancy is aimed at eliminating inflammatory processes in the uterus and its appendages. Also, during rehabilitation, a woman should be examined for the presence of infectious diseases that are transmitted sexually.

To date, medicine is promotingsafe methods of family planning to avoid further negative consequences, such as an ectopic pregnancy, treatment of which occurs through surgery, which often leads to complications. Therefore, to exclude the development of such a pregnancy, it is necessary to use reliable methods of protection against infectious diseases, timely treatment of female diseases, as well as inflammatory processes, have a regular sexual partner, lead a correct lifestyle. In any case, it must be remembered that infertility is often a consequence of developing an ectopic pregnancy.

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