International Doctor's Day is a holiday of all doctors of the planet

International Doctor's Day

Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates argued that threeprofession of all available on earth, are given by God: judge, teacher and doctor. According to the sage, these people receive their gift from above. The profession of a doctor at all times in any society was on a special account - as the most honorable and respected. On the shoulders of doctors is entrusted a huge responsibility, because at the cost of their mistake can be human life.

The international day of a doctor, established by the WHO, is only a matter of gratitude to the representatives of this humane and noble profession. The holiday is celebrated annually on the first Monday in October.

Meaning of the holiday

The international day of the doctor, undoubtedly, hasworld significance, because it is celebrated by all the people of the world, regardless of nationality, citizenship, religious beliefs. In some states it is held on a grand scale, timed to this date, solemn ceremonies and rewarding outstanding professionals, while others still very modestly celebrate Doctor's Day.

Number of countries where the holiday getstruly state significance, is increasing year by year. Any international holidays unite all people, blur the boundaries of cultural differences and give positive emotions, and Doctor's Day is no exception, because only this profession has neither citizenship nor nationality when it comes to saving lives.

International Doctor's Day 2013

Unity of all doctors of the world

But not so much the International Day of the doctor, how manyprofessional duty and a deep sense of responsibility for the health and life of people unites medical workers throughout the Earth. The profession of a doctor does not know any state borders, nor international hatred. In the difficult days of trials that fall to the share of mankind, doctors from all over the world join forces to help those affected by disasters, epidemics, natural disasters, armed conflicts.

An example of this is the internationala non-governmental organization "Doctors Without Borders", which annually sends thousands of volunteer doctors to the hot spots of the planet. In addition, the volunteers of the organization conduct educational and preventive activities in the fight against AIDS and drug addiction. The significance of their activities is difficult to overestimate. On International Doctor's Day, they are the first among those who deserve the most sincere gratitude and earthly obeisance.

Doctor's Day number

Day of Medicine Workers in our country

In our country,Medical Day is a professional holiday for Russian health workers. On this day, according to the already established tradition, medical institutions sum up the results of the competition "The Best Doctor of the Year", solemn and entertaining events are held. But Russia also meets internationally the International Day of the Doctor. 2013, for example, was marked by the presentation of the Prize "Vocation" in several nominations. Medical workers received well-deserved awards for the highest professionalism, selfless labor and fidelity to medical duty. On this festive day those doctors who are nearby, we should say thank you for their work and invaluable help, empathy, participation and kind heart.

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