What are traditions and what is their role in modern society?

The history of mankind has thousands of years. Each people tried to leave behind something of value to their descendants. From generation to generation, family values, recipes, knowledge and customs were passed on.

What are traditions? This word comes from the Latin

what are traditions
"Traditio", which means "transfer of something". In the days of Ancient Rome he was understood literally, applying when it was about the transfer of an object (material values). Later, this concept was used when talking about the transfer of knowledge and cultural heritage from generation to generation. Traditions carry information about how life evolved over the centuries, contains a lot of colorful, interesting and sensible.

National music, dances, crafts in the lasttime is very popular. Most people began to show a significant interest in them. This is not surprising. Know the history, as well as the cultural customs of your people - is worthy and very interesting. To understand what traditions are, how they appear, what role is played in the history of each people, it is possible in folk museums and at exhibitions of folk art.

Russian Pancake week

Pancake week got us from pagan culture. It is a farewell to winter, which is accompanied by great joy, associated with the expectation of warmth and spring renewal of the surrounding world.

Maslenitsa, the tradition of celebrating which has survived to our days, is enough

carnal tradition
For a long time it was also the meeting of the new year. After all, as is known, in Russia until the fourteenth century, the beginning of the year was March. So during this period, do not skimp on a generous meal and fun. In the people, Maslenitsa was called a "destroyer", "obzhornoy." What is the tradition of celebration? These are folk festivals, which are accompanied by traditional rituals, dances and songs.

The folk festivals for Shrovetide last seven days andprecede the Great Post. It is traditionally accepted to bake pancakes, and also go to guests all week. On Sunday, it is instituted to apologize to each other and burn a scarecrow.

Christmas in Russia

What is the tradition of celebrating Christmas atterritory of Russia, we know firsthand. It is this day that brings warmth and hope to many residents of our country. That is why most people prepare for him with special trepidation. Housing is decorated with appropriate decor elements, which have their own symbolic meaning.

In all countries, Christmas is celebrated according tocertain traditions. In Russia, it has been customary since a long time to observe a 40-day Christmas fast, and on the eve of the holiday itself (January 6) - treat millet gruel with honey and poppy seeds, which is called "osovo".

Christmas traditions in Russia
Christmas traditions in Russia are also observedthis day. On the table should be present at least 12 dishes, corresponding to the number of apostles. Among them, meat dishes and snacks, a variety of drinks and delicacies.

Merry Christmas is associated with various folk signs and fortune-telling. In Russia young girls have been wondering at their betrothed. It was believed that on the eve of the holiday you can fascinate yourself with wealth and happiness.

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