Metallurgist Days: History and Peculiarities of Celebration

Holidays in honor of the representatives of the mostdemanded professions appeared even in the times of the Soviet Union. After 1990, in the large CIS countries, where there is a developed ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, the days of the metallurgist were legalized and enriched with new traditions. The governments of a number of post-Soviet republics have canceled this professional holiday.

Metallurgist - this sounds proudly

Were the days of the metallurgist hundreds of years ago? The story is silent. But it was in the ancient states that this craft originated, which is akin to art. In the stoves of the master melted ore, received copper, bronze, cast iron, steel. The search for a "philosopher's stone", capable of turning any mineral into gold, led to the appearance of new alloys and furnaces for their production. Recipes of ancient metallurgists still generate myths, for example, about the superiority of damask steel over modern steel products. The importance of ferrous metals increased in the XVIII-XIX century, for the color fractured was the era of scientific and technological revolution in the middle of the XX century.

days of the metallurgist

In 1957, the first celebration of the Day was celebrated in the USSRmetallurgist. The time was hard, the country was not yet fully recovered from the consequences of the Great Patriotic War. Unstable was the state of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy during the world economic crisis. It took modernization and diversification, so that the industry rose to a new stage of its development.

Currently, the days of metallurgy are celebrated in the CIS countries, which have reserves of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, coking coal, and developed industrial infrastructure. It:

  • Russian Federation;
  • The Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Ukraine;
  • Republic of Belarus.

Whom do you congratulate on Metallurgist Days?

holiday of the metallurgist's day

The nature of the work of metallurgists has changed significantlyfor the last decades. Gradually, blast furnaces disappear into the past, giving way to electric furnaces. Representatives of different professions (steelworkers, casters, distributors, smiths, welders and others) receive congratulations on Metallurgist Day. Honor all employees of such enterprises as:

  • mining and metallurgical plants;
  • Enrichment plants that produce concentrates and agglomerates;
  • coking plants;
  • blast-furnace and steel-smelting shops;
  • factories and combines of non-ferrous metals;
  • Combines of pig iron metallurgy;
  • hardware plants;
  • rolling shops.

metallurgist's day celebration

How are Russian metallurgists honored?

In Russia, employees are congratulated on an annual basismetallurgical enterprises on the third Sunday of July, in 2014 - on July 20. In the days of the metallurgist, the best in the profession are awarded, they are awarded the title of "Honored Metallurgist of the Russian Federation". In the cities where metallurgical plants work, solemn events take place, which sum up the results, discuss the achievements and problems of the industry. Important is not the very production of metals, and the release of them of high-quality machinery and equipment, goods for the population. In recent years, the Metallurgist Day has been enriched with new interesting traditions. The celebration includes competitions of professional skills, concert performances, sports and family tournaments. At these events, words of gratitude to workers of the "hot" industry are heard. Metallurgists selflessly and courageously tame the two elements - metal and fire, forcing them to serve people.

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