A children's life jacket will save your child's life!

Every parent tries to preventaccidents with their children, save their lives and health. What if you are going to rest on the sea with your children? Then you just need to buy a children's life jacket. It will protect your child's life, and rest will make it pleasant and safe.

Life jackets are divided into two types. The first is a children's life jacket, an inflatable waistcoat. Let's look at the main similarities and differences in order to be able to make the right choice.

children's life jacket

Inflatable Waistcoat

Children's life jacket, which scoredthe most popular is the inflatable. It is made of vinyl with a thickness of 0.28 mm, has an inflatable collar. For greater security, the waistcoat is divided into three chambers, which are inflated separately and do not depend on each other. If one camera is lowered, the other two will be able to hold the child. The vest is fastened with two buckles, which can be adjusted if necessary.

In the kit you can buy inflatable sleeves for swimming. They will facilitate the process of teaching the child swimming, will support him on the water, until he gets the necessary skills.

These vests are designed for children of agefrom 3 to 6 years. It will help your child learn to swim and be confident in the water. In order for parents to control the child's presence in the water, a vivid color of the vest is provided. It is appropriate to use such a children's lifejacket only in quiet waters: the coastal waters of the sea, the river or the pool.

children's life jacket inflatable

«Stuffed» waistcoat

If you go for a walk on the water onboat, boat, it is not worth saving, you need to buy a "stuffed" vest. Your child is provided with a children's life jacket "Kid". It is made of synthetic fabric with polyurethane impregnation.

This vest gained popularity among those whoengaged in extreme sports and seeks to attract the interest of the child. The inside of the waistcoat is filled with super-light foam polyethylene fillers. They have a high buoyancy, practically do not absorb water, they easily deform. Due to the use of plates of 0.5 mm, the waistcoat is well attached to the body, it does not pinch, it does not bind the movements. All these qualities help the child feel confident and active in it.

 baby life jacket baby

Children's vest has a headrest, inguinala buckle that prevents it from ascending without the wearer, and two belts on the belt with a shape adjustment. Vests are available only in orange, red and yellow colors, and with reflective edges. Such outfit will protect your child in case of immersion in water.

The main similarity of these waistcoats is theirDestination to save! The children's life jacket has already saved the life of more than one child. Observance of the basic rules of behavior on the water will make bathing safe. Correctly picking up the vest, you thereby provide a pleasant rest and pleasure to your baby.

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