Sliding curtains for bathrooms: elegantly and functionally

Pass the days when most people forbathroom used fabric curtains. They were replaced by glass or plastic blinds that are aesthetic, create comfort and 100% perform their function - to protect the open space of the room from splashes and foam.

sliding curtains for bathtubs

High strength

Modern technologies allow manufacturingSliding curtains for baths made of durable materials that do not break with accidental impact. Glass and plastic use high strength and reliability, so you do not have to worry about safety. Glass and plastic sliding curtains for baths are used both for the installation of a shower cabin, and directly on the baths. Glass is treated in a special way, so the water divorce is excluded, as well as the fact of reproduction of bacteria and mold.

For any type of bathroom

plastic curtains for bathroom sliding
Everyone likes to take water proceduresin their own way: some are washing under the shower, others are preparing a bath with herbs or fragrant foam. Some, due to the small size of the room, install a shower. The other part of people respects the classical version for being able to relax and lie down for a while in warm and fragrant water. In either case, you can install sliding curtains for the bathroom, which will make the washing process more pleasant.

All curtains can be divided into several types:

  1. Sliding design, which can be from different plexiglass: matte, glossy, patterned, tinted.
  2. Fabric - can be sliding, but more oftenonly one sheet is used. It is mounted on plastic rings to the cornice, installed between the walls on special spacers. Polyester is suitable for fabric designs, since it has a moisture repellent effect.
  3. Vinyl sliding curtains for a bathroom are good because vinyl is a dense and lightproof material. Any strong jet of water for vinyl material is not terrible.
  4. The last kind is plastic curtains for the bathroom. Sliding, like the glass version, but lighter. The plastic has water repellent qualities.

curtains for bathroom sliding price
What are the rigid structures?

For shower cabins, rigidThe curtains, which in one motion make it possible to turn the room into a shower cubicle. The same applies to the installation of the structure on the bath. Their external appearance depends on the glass and the profile color, aluminum or polycarbonate.

Rigid designs are divided into a frame version and frameless. Method of opening them:

  • folding;
  • turning;
  • sliding.

Change the interior

In specialized and online stores youyou can buy designs of any shape: round, square, asymmetric; pick up graceful curtains for the bathroom sliding. The price corresponds to the materials from which the structures are made. By purchasing such an accessory in the bathroom, you will immediately notice how the interior in the room has become more complete and pleasing to the eye.

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