Scottish cat

It's not for nothing that they say that a dog needs only a master, andcat - home. Although this opinion can be considered correct only partially. For example, it is because of the permanence of the house that the cat is oriented in space even in total darkness. Moving furniture temporarily deprives her of a sense of confidence and comfort, she will need at least a day to master the changes. Only in the usual territory, where everything has long been studied and familiar to the smallest detail, she will feel confident and again become a real, full-fledged mistress.

Scottish short-haired cat

But the Scottish cat perceives these changes especially sharply. His other qualities are also clearly expressed: quick taming and attachment to the family in which he turned out.

Small kittens (at least cats and catsmonths to six or seven) to change are not as painful as those already older. Although, no doubt, even an adult cat (or kitty), provided a soft and caring attitude over time will get used to the new housing and recognize the new owner.

The Scottish Straight Cat (Scottish Straight) is liketo a British cat. There is an opinion that this is her closest relative. His character, like that of a British cat, is calm and balanced. It is an ideal breed for fans of complete tranquility and silence in the house. Although, we must admit, if you want to play, he is always ready to make a company.

The Scottish cat has its own characteristics. It is much more elegant and slightly lighter than the "Briton", his body is more stretched, his head is round (soft outlines), weight - up to five kilograms (in cats - not more than 3.5 kg). He is as mobile and plastic as British cats.

Distinctive features - graceful body, round muzzle (even in a cat) and flexible, narrowed in the end, tail. The nose is neat, short. For silvery

Scottish prickly cat
color is characteristic of the outline of the nose and eyes. Amber eyes are large, round and very expressive. The upper eyelid is almond-shaped. Ears are small (medium) and slightly rounded. Body muscular, quite strong. The chest is well developed. Despite this, excessive massiveness is considered a disadvantage. Scottish Straight is a full-fledged Scottish cat. Admissible colors: white, blue, purple, striped, marble, silver (chinchilla). There are also colorful kittens.

Scottish prickly cat grows to sizethe Scottish Fold. It is simply necessary for the breeding of folded cats, since mating primarily between lop-eared can lead to bone anomalies in the offspring.

A cat needs to select a fowl(lop-eared cat), and the Scottish short-haired cat should make a couple of folded cat. Only such selection will give a healthy and strong offspring (of course, with the absence of vices on both sides). In litters from such parents, usually lop-eared, and pryamouhie kittens are born. Often - equally. Although, undoubtedly, the role of dominance also plays a role.

Cat moms

Scottish cat
This breed is very caring and relate to itsoffspring is very responsible, flawlessly caring for the kids. A kitten, growing up, easily accustomed to the trays and claws, rarely giving the owners a problem.

The best age to buy a Scottish cat -2-3 months. At this time, the kids are already accustomed to adult food and toilet. In addition, responsible breeders must already make the necessary vaccinations by this time. Therefore, you will only have to enjoy the society of the representative of the intellectuals of the cat's world. With good care Scottish cat will live up to 20 years.

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