Mystery about the fox for children in verse, with a rhymed response and in rebuses

Make any activity interesting in kindergartenor just brighten up a boring home evening will help a mystery about the fox for children. In fact, this animal, although a predator, in many people evokes tenderness, even admiration.

the mystery about the fox for children

Foxes of cunning in riddles

In fact, the chanterelles are, and the truth is,extremely clever creatures, able to find an original way out of difficult situations. Those who like to read works about animals, find it a lot of evidence. This gives food to the children's mysterious poets. For example, such a mystery about the fox for children is just that example.

She has a fluffy tail,

Slightly higher cat growth,

This red cheat

Kur is very clever.

Anyone will say that this is a fox fox. However, this riddle would be quite applicable to other predators, for example, to the marten or ferret, if it were not for the specification of the fluffy tail. The trick of the marten and ferret, who steals chickens in chicken coops, will envy any chanterelle! But her fluffy tail here gives out a red hooligan, as they say, "with a tail," pointing out that this mystery about the fox for children. So it's appropriate to point this out to the kids, who are sure to answer right away. New information about other animals will expand the child's horizons.

riddles about the fox with answers

To kids riddles about a fox with answers

To simplify the task for those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the outside world, poetry is offered, in which at the very end it is required to pick up the missing rhyme. For example:

This red beauty,

Oh, cunning ... (fox)!

This mystery about the fox for the youngest childrenage - it shows only two signs of the animal: color and characteristic feature. For older children, poems are recommended that give more detailed descriptions of the predator. For example:

This cunning cheat

Zaitsev catches very cleverly,

How beautiful the red fur!

Deceive will be able to all.

And she lives in the forest.

They know all the kumu ... (fox)!


puzzles for children with pictures

Children who have already comprehended the basics of compilingletters of words, it is possible to offer riddles for children with pictures. The simplest puzzle can hide the word itself, which is composed of the first letters of the names of the objects depicted in the pictures. It's like encrypting words with images.


It is much more difficult to work with puzzles, in whichthe riddle itself is encrypted. Only after the text is unraveled, it is necessary to search for the answer to the riddle. You can complicate the task. To do this, you need to create a crossword puzzle, in which you need to insert the riddles on the encrypted puzzles.

puzzle riddle for children in puzzles

Now let's decipher the phrase from the rebus.

  1. The picture shows cancer, the letter P is crossed out, and next to it stands K. Hence, on a piece of paper, write "AS".
  2. The word "CEPP" with a comma in front is read as "EPP", the arrow indicates that read from the right to the left. We get the "PRE".
  3. On the picture of paint with two commas standing behind the image. So, you need to remove the last two letters. It turns out "KRAS".
  4. The tape without the first letter and without the last two will give us "EN".
  5. Further on the picture we see a weapon. Removing the first letter and the last one, we get "ROUGH". But we still need to change the "U" to "Y". So, we write "RED". And you need to add J.
  6. Picture with fur, we write "FUR".
  7. It turned out "KAKPREKRASENRYZHYMEH!" If you look closely at this abracadabra, you can divide a series of letters into words. The sentence "How beautiful is the red fur!"
  8. "KIT" with the replacement of K on X gives us "HIT".
  9. "ROY" with the replacement of D by N will give "RY".
  10. "DOOR" with the replacement of D by Z gives the word "BEAST".
  11. "LOB" without the first letter is "ABOUT".
  12. From the word "MONTE" it is necessary to remove the last letter and replace it with O on A. "MANET" will be obtained.
  13. In the letter C there is a letter E. So, it is necessary to record "ALL".
  14. From the word "EAR" after removing the first and last letter, there is only one H.
  15. We read what turned out: "HEAVY ZVERYOBMANETVSEEH!". After breaking down into words, the phrase should come out: "A cunning beast will deceive everyone!"

Now you can think about the clue.

How beautiful is the red fur

A cunning beast will deceive everyone!

Who is talking about here? Yes, of course, about the fox!

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