Air freshener automatic: how to use it properly

Pick up a good air freshener,it turns out, not so simple. After all, today many manufacturers present a wide range of similar products in the market of household chemicals. You can buy an automatic air freshener with an electronic and mechanical dispenser or in the form of a conventional can.

To not spend a lot of time searching forideal means for air purification, it is worth to get acquainted with the most popular brands. To study their suggestions and feedback about the products. One of the most popular is air freshener automatic "Air Wick Freshmatic". So, how to use it correctly and what is it?

automatic air freshener

What is Air Wick Freshmatic?

Initially, this tool was created in 1944year in the USA. As for the present time, the air freshener of this brand is one of the leading places not only in retail, but also in the wholesale trade of household professional chemistry.

And it's no accident. Air freshener automatic has many advantages. These are compact devices that allow you to independently set not only the frequency, but also the intensity of aromatization. For this, the device is equipped with a switch, which is located on the side of the dispenser.

What are the flavors and where can I use the device?

There are special replacement blocks that you can choose based on your preferences. It can be the aroma of lily, the tenderness of silk, the softness of vanilla and cashmere, the freshness of a waterfall and so on.

It is worth noting that the air freshenerautomatic can be used in any room, for example, in the country, in an apartment, in an office, in a hotel or hotel, in a restaurant or in a cafe. The variety of aromas allows not only to get rid of an unpleasant smell, but also to keep a good mood, to create an atmosphere of comfort and inner harmony.

automatic air freshener

What is included?

Typically, the automatic air freshener is packaged in the original packaging. In this case, the kit includes:

  1. The freshener is an automaton.
  2. Aerosol Replacement Cartridge.
  3. Several AA type finger batteries. They must be sealed.

Automatic Air Freshener: Instruction

How to properly fill and usedevice? First you need to remove the dispenser from the package. Then open the dispenser "Air Wick". To do this, press the button located on the top of the rear of the device, and simultaneously pull the front of the dispenser toward you.

On the back there is a special wheel. It must be set to the left end position "Off". In this position, the device simply can not work. In other words, the spray mode is turned off.

It should be noted that there is no manual one-time operation in this case. Air freshener automatic works only after certain time intervals are set.

automatic air freshener manual

Installing batteries

At the back of the dispenser, you need to press the button, andthen pull the cover down until it clicks. After that, it is enough to pull in the opposite direction from the button behind the lid. As a result, the device will open, dividing into two almost identical parts.

Do not forget about batteries. They must be installed in accordance with the polarity. So, the left power source is upwards "plus", and the right power source - upwards "minus".

How to install a cylinder?

Remove the protective cap from the container. You will not need it anymore. After this, you should carefully examine the bottle. On its head there should be two magnetic strips of black color. Also it is worth making sure that the balloon is not a fake. Otherwise, the composition of such an air freshener will be doubtful. In the original tank is safe for human health and pets.

If there are no protective bands on the bottle head, thensuch a cartridge simply will not work. A red indicator will indicate a problem. Its blinking immediately after the first spray indicates an error. In this case, the spray of the freshener will not be carried out, since the device does not recognize the replaceable vial.

The cylinder can only be inserted if the shift wheel is in the "off" position. At the same time, the red lever should be raised.

air freshener automatic price

Configuring the device

After the replaceable canister is installed, the lidthe dispenser can be closed. The device should be placed on a level surface, without directing it to the face. After that, you can set the necessary time interval between spraying. It can be low - up to 9 minutes, middle - up to 18 minutes, high - up to 36 minutes.

After turning on the device will start sprayingafter 15 minutes in automatic mode. Where is it better to install a dispenser? Air freshener can be put anywhere. But it is best to place it at a height of two meters from the floor surface.

air freshener dispenser

Air freshener automatic: price

The cost of such a device depends onselected fragrance. If desired, a complete kit with a bottle of 250 milliliters can be purchased at a price of only 410 rubles. Can I buy a replacement vial without a dispenser? Yes, you can. As for replacement cylinders, their price is from 240 to 400 rubles. Some household chemistry stores hold promotions. In this case, it is possible to purchase several replaceable cartridges for only 300 rubles. It all depends on the smell. Here is the approximate cost of some fragrances: "Freshness of the ocean and orange", "Coolness of flax and freshness of lilacs", "Magnolia and flowering cherry" - 240 rubles; "Tenderness of silk and lily", "Paradise flowers", "After the rain", "Anti-tobacco orange" - 409 rubles.

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