Anapa, the camp "Smena". Permits for children's camp. Children's health camp "Smena", Anapa

Anapa is a well-recognized health resort forchildren. It is here that one of the best children's sanatoriums and camps are located. The magnificent sea climate and mountain air are the best that nature could give for the normal growth and health of the child.

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Anapa, camp "Smena": geographical location

Walking along the coast of Anapa, you can notadmire the natural splendor that Mother Nature has created and ennobled man. Since the beaches are on a stretch of 70 kilometers, it is quite natural that a variety of children's centers are concentrated here. In the vicinity of Anapa at the foot of the mountains is a cozy village of Sukko. Here on the territory of 22 hectares the children's health camp "Smena" has settled. Anapa also attracts the opportunity to have a wonderful rest, not only for the children, but also for their parents.

Federal status

Once upon a time, back in Soviet times, it wasuniversally recognized and well-known children's camp. In the era of the Russian state, he acquired a strict official status of the Federal Health-Improving Children's Center. But this did not become less famous and popular for everyone who chooses the city of Anapa for recreation. Camp "Smena" is under state control. What gives him a lot of advantages in comparison with others. There are various festivals, competitions, sports competitions. Special children's health and entertainment programs are designed for children.

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Complexes of sports rehabilitation

On the basis of the children's center are conducted with the assistance ofpresident All-Russian competitions in street basketball, mini-football, badminton, beach volleyball, all-around, swimming, table tennis, darts. And also chess tournaments are organized. Every year, several thousand young athletes take part in these competitions, who come from all corners of Russia to the city of Anapa. Camp "Smena" is equipped with all necessary sports equipment, playgrounds, football and basketball fields. The development and inculcation of a sporting lifestyle make it possible to lay a solid foundation for the healthy future of any child.

Entertaining and educational programs

For children more than 50 pedagogicalprograms. Classes are held in specially equipped classrooms. To develop the creative potential of the child, workshops and studios are provided. The counselors undergo special courses where they are trained in the skills necessary to help children to adapt socially, give civil-patriotic education, help shape attitudes towards life and health, develop creative and leadership talents.

Wellness complex

Children's camp "Smena" is located in twelvekilometers from Anapa. It is located in a beautiful valley near the famous lake Sukko and no less famous marshy poplars. About the poplars there is a legend that once they were noble bogatyrs who are called to protect the local wonderful places.

Camp "Smena" in Anapa, reviews about which inthe majority of which are positive, is equipped with its own beach, covering an area of ​​400 meters. It is located very conveniently in the center of the complex. The small pebble, of which the beach consists, has healing properties. In winter, when stormy streams of water literally turn the whole coast, they saturate and enrich the pebble with useful minerals. In summer, when heated, if you lie on this pebble, you can not only strengthen your immunity, but also get rid of various ailments, such as radiculitis, pulmonary diseases. In the Sukko valley, very useful trees grow: pine, juniper forests, which have antibacterial properties.

Хорошо укрепляют детское здоровье различные procedures. This mud treatment, baths from carbon dioxide, laser, phyto-and thermotherapy. Since the wellness center is equipped with all necessary equipment and specialists, children will undergo a full diagnostic course, and then, after the conclusion, they will be directed to the necessary procedures.

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All-season holidays

Each year the children's camp "Smena" visits morethree thousand children. Some of them come for vouchers. Very good period of rest in spring, autumn or winter. When children get permits for a children's camp during the off-season, they can fully and fully recover and have a great time. Moreover, there is always something to do here. Each season in its own way is beautiful in the city of Anapa. Camp "Smena" (2014 is not an exception) attracts hundreds of children and their parents. In Soviet times, the children had to be accommodated in the same room for twenty people. Now this is a wonderful two-, three- or four-bedded rooms. Even in winter, you can enjoy swimming in the sea with well-equipped indoor pools. And the sun pleases almost in all seasons, and under it perfectly lights up.

Administrative separation

The complex "Smena" includessanatorium-resort camp "Dove of the valley", educational and health-improving - "Surf", "Pearl", sports and health-improving - "Olympus". They are located near the sea. The level of the beach zone corresponds to the European quality. The staff here is prepared. In the vicinity of the camp "Smena" is Bolshoy Utrish - a well-known and much loved reserve. Near it is no less popular dolphinarium. A child of any age will be satisfied, as there are a lot of interesting entertainments and events.

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If desired, for children and adults, you canorganize walks on the sea. There is a children's camp "Smena" (Anapa, Sukko) in a beautiful mountainous area. This allows you to perform both walking and horseback riding. Here in the unique Caucasian mountains, a new tourist attraction, a favorite for tourists, is installed: the Stealing Eagle stele. As some legends say, one of the rocks in this area was chained to the legendary Titan Prometheus, who gave fire to people, for which he was punished by the great thunderer Zeus. And also it was past these cliffs that the Argonauts used to sail in search of the famous Golden Fleece artifact.

Developed infrastructure

Like the rest of Anapa, the camp "Smena" has a goodequipped pebble beaches with rescue towers and well-trained medical personnel. The complex has its own water park, which was built on the Turkish project. A variety of slides, different types of pools with sea water - both cold and heated. An assortment of refreshing cocktails can be purchased at a nearby café. There are well-equipped sports grounds on the base, which are universal for various classes, football and hockey stadiums built according to all European standards. In the gyms there are running tracks with a special professional coating. There are also tennis courts, tables for table tennis and billiards. The entertainment zone includes a video salon, a cinema hall, various bars and cafes for young people.

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When the water temperature drops below twentydegrees or on days when the weather does not allow full rest, children have the opportunity to swim in heated pools, with sea water. Here, everyone, regardless of age and hobbies, will find employment for himself.

"Yeralash" and the camp "Smena"

It will be useful for any child thatit is in the camp "Smena" that he can become a revelation for screenwriters, as the famous author and director of the children's satirical newsreel "Yeralash" is very fond of shooting here. Each kid has a real chance to appear in extras or even become the main character of one of the episodes of the famous newsreel. The director is in constant search of new talents, so the chances of all are the same. At the camp there is also own television studio. Here the child can participate in the filming of children's TV programs, to visit the role of director, announcer or sound engineer.

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Holidays with parents

If parents want to improve their health and relax inthe same area, the problems with where to stay, they will not feel, after arriving in the resort city of Anapa. Sukko (camp "Smena", as we found out, is on its territory) provides a choice of recreation centers and hotels, as well as the private sector. You can even rent an entire house if a large company has gathered. There are many interesting entertainments for any category of tourists. Nearby is the city of Anapa with a highly developed infrastructure and a huge selection of all kinds of leisure activities.

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All-Russian children's complex "Smena" will not leaveindifferent to any child. Every adult will remain satisfied as a set of health-improving procedures, as well as general recreational leisure, which the holidaymaker will necessarily receive after spending time here.

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