The drug "Hepatovet" for cats: instructions and dosages

It is not uncommon for a pet to have no visiblecauses dramatically deteriorating health status. There are a lot of reasons for this: wrong food, infection, or, worse, parasites. In such cases, the only correct decision is an immediate reference to a doctor.

hepatitis for cats
After a long illness, a longThe use of drugs in cats can significantly worsen the state of health. This is due to accumulation of toxins in the liver. In such cases, the use of the medicine "Hepatovet" for cats will be superfluous.

This tool is a complexbioactive substances that improve the functional and general state of the liver, which contributes to the restoration of its detoxification function. There is an improvement in the structure of hepatocytes by reducing the level of nitrogenous compounds in the body, in particular ammonia. All this contributes to the early regeneration of liver cells.

The agent "Hepatovet" for cats, basically,is prescribed independently, but can be one of the drugs in the complex therapy in the treatment of acute and chronic liver damage in animals. It is an indispensable tool for the use of drugs that have a hepatotoxic effect.

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The drug "Hepatovet" for cats, the instruction isconfirms, is also used for the treatment of dogs. The agent is administered orally, i.e. by mouth administration. The drug is mixed into the feed or given by force with a syringe, 2-3 times a day for a month. The calculation of the means is based on the mass of the animal. The basic dosages are as follows:

• For dogs weighing less than 10 kg - a single dose of 1 ml, then for every 10 kg of weight, +1 ml of the suspension at a time.

• Cats up to 3 kg - 1 ml, 3-6 kg - 2 ml, 7 and more kg - 3 ml of suspension at one time.

Before the direct application of the agentThe vial must be shaken well to make the suspension homogeneous, and the active substance does not remain on the bottom. The drug is produced in vials of 35, 50, 100 ml.

Means for "Hepatovet" for cats in the case ofcompliance with these dosages has no side effects and does not cause complications. Occasionally, the presence of hypersalivation, which lasts a short time and does not require the use of drugs.

If after using the drug "Hepatovet" for cats (reviews contain such information) there were allergic reactions, it is necessary to cancel the remedy and prescribe antihistamines.

hepatitis for cats
Like any medicine, this drug has its contraindications. These include individual intolerance, epilepsy, hepatic encephalopathy.

In case of insufficient effect from the drug "Hepatovet" for cats, the course of treatment should be repeated at intervals of 3 weeks or a month.

The drug is compatible with other drugs andfood feeds, which contributes to its better absorption and the speedy recovery of the animal. Applying the drug only a few times, you will notice that your pet feels much better, which you will be told by his joyful mood.

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