How to choose a kitchen knife?

Whatever modern stove or kitchenThe combine was not equipped with a kitchen, without a knife during cooking the hostess simply can not do. Kitchen knives are the most diverse: steel and ceramic, large and small, with a smooth cutting edge and serrated.

Before as buy kitchen knives, it is necessary to determine what they will be used for. It is advisable to buy a set of knives, which includes models for cutting various products.

Types of kitchen knives

Depending on the purpose of the use of knives are the most diverse:

  • a knife for slicing bread is distinguished by a wide blade and a serrated cutting blade;
  • knife-hatchet has a wide blade and is designed for cutting meat;
  • dining knives for butter or processed cheese are not sharp and they have a thick rounded blade;
  • A knife for cleaning vegetables is usually short, and it has a sharp tip.

There are other types of knives, designed forcleaning fish, mushrooms, cutting sausages. When choosing a kitchen knife, it is necessary to determine which food products it will be predominantly used for. And, based on this, buy the model you like or buy a whole set of kitchen knives.

Which knife to choose: ceramic or metal?

Choosing between a ceramic and steel knife,it should be remembered that ceramic products are duller slower. They are much easier to clean than metal knives. Ceramic object is enough to rinse under running water, after that it will not transfer to other products the smell of previously chopped garlic.

At the same time, a knife from ceramics can not be cut into ice-cream meat or fish, and when it falls on the floor, the integrity of its blade can be broken.

Rules for choosing knives in the store

When choosing a knife for the kitchen, be sure to take a closer look at the quality of the blade. It should be made of a strong alloy, for example, from a metal obtained by the fusion of chromium and molybdenum.

Without fail it is necessary to take a closer look atquality of sharpening the blade. If the cutting edge resembles a wave, then you do not need to buy such a knife. The best knife is one that has an ideal smooth blade from edge to edge.

A wooden handle can eventuallyto loosen up. Plastic or metal, from which the handle is made, will not deteriorate with time. Care should be taken also to the surface of the blade, on a good knife there will be no divorces, no scratches.

A quality knife should lie comfortably in your hand, do not be too heavy, or vice versa, very light.

In conclusion, it should be said that no good product can not be cheap. This rule also applies to kitchen knives.

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