Munchkins - short-necked cats: features of the breed

Munchkins among people received a gentle nickname -cat-dachshunds. And all because of the fact that the paws of these wonderful animals have a non-standard length. In comparison with the limbs of an ordinary cat, they are shorter by almost two times. This is the distinctive feature of the Munchkins. Short-necked cats appeared in the USA. According to one version, one day the woman found two pregnant women with unusual appearance, one of which she left to herself. Later it was found out that the cat has short legs due to certain mutations in the body, and its genes were transmitted to the kittens that soon appeared. Since then, the Munchkins, named after the little people in Oz, have conquered the hearts of people and have become good friends to them.

Short-necked cats


Short-necked cats are classified as follows:

1. In terms of magnitude:

  • standard;
  • dwarfish;
  • ultrashortal.

2. For the length of the coat:

  • long-haired;
  • short-haired.

Korotkolapye cats, whose photos are givenin this article, are not inferior to their standard companions. They are also very playful, mobile, affectionate, faithful, perfectly get along with young children and like to walk on a leash. In addition, the Munchkins are very intelligent and calm, they are difficult to provoke aggression.

Short-necked cats price
Even with strangers, they behave courteously andfriendly. Unlike their relatives, these animals are not particularly "talkative", and rarely you will hear meowing from them. Korotkolapye cats, the price of which ranges from 10 000 to 25 000 rubles, like cleanliness and accuracy, so they need minimal care, but it is still required.

Species of the breed: health

Average life expectancy of catsMunchkin is about 15 years old. However, they do not suffer from any specific diseases. There is an opinion that short-cut cats are more prone to lordosis (curvature of the spine due to muscle weakening), but it has not been scientifically proven.

Recommendations for owners

  1. Periodically it is necessary to comb out the fur toavoid clots. For representatives of longhaired breeds, the procedure should be repeated several times a week, short-haired enough once in seven days.
  2. Tray for a cat, choose with small sides, so that the short-tailed pet can be used comfortably.
  3. Water procedures should be done at least twice a month, and if you like to walk with a pet on the street, then four times will be quite enough. Use special shampoos for animals.
  4. Keep away from the munchkin wires, toys and other items for the fate of which you are afraid. Otherwise, you run the risk of saying goodbye to them.
    Short-necked cats, photo
  5. To the cat was fun, buy for her balls and special toys.
  6. Keep a scratch in the house to avoid spoilagesofa and other furniture that can replace it. Best of all, if in your house or apartment there will be at once two kinds of the mentioned accessories: a wall and floor scratching claws.
  7. If your kitty does not mind, then after waterprocedures can be slightly dried fur to avoid colds. However, if the animal is against, and the noise of the hair dryer scares it, it is better to abandon such an event.

Short-necked cats are cute and cute pets, no different from other breeds of cats, except that they are very funny because of anatomical features.

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