Sports holidays in kindergarten - ideas for holding

It is very important that babies from an early ageloved sports, seriously treated morning exercises, grew up healthy and strong. Sports events in the kindergarten can help in this. To conduct them should be in the form of a game, include elements of fun and even comic competitions.

Original opening speech before the holiday "We are Olympians!"

sports holidays in kindergarten
Sports holidays in kindergarten, dedicatedOlympic Games, can begin with a dramatization. In the warm season, the event is held outdoors, in the cold season - in the sports hall or in the assembly hall. It is possible to make a holiday not in the framework of a single separate kindergarten, but on a city or district scale. Let the host be dressed in the costume of the ancient Greek Olympian, and the judges of the competitions will be "gods" dressed in ancient Greek dresses.

To begin sports holidays in a kindergarten,dedicated to the Olympics, follows with the introductory word of the presenter. Let it briefly in a form accessible to the children tell about the history of this wonderful holiday. You can imagine this in the form of a journey through time, even to play a small sketch. King Elida Iphit sits on the throne with a pensive look. Leader comments - calls time (long, eight centuries almost to our era), a place (in Elis, in ancient Greece) and actors. To him enters the Delphic oracle - the wise man. He says: "How tired of wars and looting! What do you think, oh wisest, what can be done to protect the country from this? "To which the oracle responds that sports will be able to change the world for the better, all the people will share. "Since then," says the presenter, "ambassadors and heralds traveled around the country each year announcing a sacred truce and the beginning of a great celebration. So we will hold a sports Olympics in our garden today. And in the beginning we will swear an oath of young Olympians. "

Sports and health holiday for preschool children

health holidays in kindergarten
Sports holidays in kindergarten can bedevoted to the day of health. After all, sports and health are inseparable friends. Health holidays in kindergarten should be prepared in advance. You can organize an exhibition of drawings and posters on the theme of a healthy lifestyle, you can learn songs and marches on this topic, for example, the famous "Temper, if you want to be healthy!" And others. In the hall decorated with posters, children's drawings and balls, where children, parents and educators have already gathered, a hunted, wrapped up scarf is included.

Khe-khe-khe and ahhhi-hee!

This is not you, hee-hee-hee!

I am a mighty terrible flu!

Khe-khe-khe, well, here - hoarse ...

All now I will infect!

I'll put you all in bed!

The flu tries to grab some kid,pulls his hands to him. Kids run away - this is the game "We run away from disease." Finally, the Flu starts to cough again, grabs the head and sits down. To him comes the doctor, inserts under the mouse a huge dummy of thermometer and takes out a huge syringe. The flu is frightened and runs away, the doctor hurries after him.

organization of holidays in kindergarten

The final moment of the holiday of health and sports

Host: "Well, guys, answer me to the question:what to do in order not to get sick? "As a result of the survey, it is concluded that sports are hardening people, so they have nothing to fear from illnesses. Of course, the organization of holidays in kindergarten is a painstaking business. And in the scenario of sporting events competitions are necessarily included - both single and team. And it is desirable to think about the solemn moment of rewarding the winners.

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